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lol, NOT a smoker , im 13 :...

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lol...stupid question...i wanna know....

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Nope, all my life. Not just lately....

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SeXii BuT cLaSsY
Can you take hydrocodone and oxycodone in the same day?
Somedays my pain isn't as bad at night. And I take percocet in the day, but at night I would rather take Vicodin because its less strong. If I wait 4-6 hours after taking Percocet can I take the vicodin instead of another percocet? Is there any interactions or should I always wait 24 hours?
Additional Details
No need to be A smart *** ******!!

♥♥ character ♥♥
If you have prescriptions for both oxycodone and hydrocodone, your DOCTOR should know, RIGHT??? And I think this is a question best answered by a doctor or the pharmacy where you filled BOTH prescriptions.

They are the same medication only different strenghts.Take the least amount you can which is the first number on the percocet or the vicoden.You should wait at least 6 hours before taking the other medication.

I would wait at least four hours before taking a different drug for pain.

I looked in my PDR and found no reason why you can not take them both in the same day. It does however say if you are taking them together that both doses should be reduced. Personally I would wait the full 6 hours after taking the percocet before taking the vicodin.

they are pretty much the same drug, both pain medication, the diff is in strength, and many people are given two pain meds, two diff pain meds are ok. one usually is for break through pain. if you are not in as much pain, then it is ok to use the one that is not as strong. save the oxy for the bad pain, and use the vicodin for the mild pain.Some people use the oxy all day, and after 2 hours they take a vicodin for break through pain, and some people use both kinds like you do when the pain is not so bad you take the vicodin, and the percocet when it's bad. most people think that using two pain killers means your a junky.......SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH!!!! there are people that are in REAL pain and need two pain killers, there are many people i see that have no choice but to be one many different medications, and there is no shame in that! let them be in the pain your in, and then let them talk about how two pain killers are wrong to take! just be sure to space out the medication as directed on the bottle, and be sure to always be careful with the dosage, and you will be ok sweety..................ps: your doctor will be the best person to ask about how often and when to take them, but i know from my own past experence you can take them both in the same day,just be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle....

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