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 I have a small stinging in my throat?
Just a few minutes ago, I started feeling a small stinging in my throat. It's not terrible pain, but it's bothering me, and it does hurt a bit.

What could this be? I have tried ...

 Why is my joints acting weird?
Here is the story: I just sat down on the computer a couple of minutes ago and on my upper middle left back i have been feeling a little bit of clicking happening, It does it like every second and ...

 What causes gall stones?
I was recently admitted to hospital with severe pain in my right shoulder from front to back which moved to the centre of my chest and they diagnosed gallstones. What causes them and how are they ...

 advice on migraine/bad headache medicine?
my husband has bad headaches often (they were just passed down from his mom to him)...on occasion he also has bad migraines. advil and tylenol aren't really strong enough for him, and he thinks ...

 i had surgery on my face, unable to work now, spend all my money on drs to help me should i sue that dr?
had facila surgery to correct problems i was having with my face, went to plastic surgeron, surgery was done, made matters worst unable to work now, harldy open my mouth hard to see even now, been to ...

 Is it normal for me to feel very sore in my rear, after spending several hours with my boyfriend putting his?
knees into my back? Here lately at night, he has been sleeping curled up and putting his knees right into my lower back. Now when I wake up, my whole back & rear ache all day....

 I had a fit at my pharmacy because my crap insurance didn't cover the meds, lady told me to take a chill pill?
I would but that apparently isn't covered either...

POLL: Health care reform OR Death from status quo?...

 Shoulder Pain: Left shoulder?
Has anyone experienced untold pain in either shoulder? My doctor x-rayed my shoulder and suggested that it might be rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. He also told me that it was normal for ...

 rheumatoid arthritis..anyone have info on relief?

 Which one is better, Tylenol or Motrin?

 There's a guy in my office with a toothache and no pain killers on hand?
On an episode of 'Survivor' there was a guy who got stung by a jellyfish and a woman p!ssed on it and the pain went away. Do you think this would work for a toothache as well?...

 Any tips or tricks for getting rid of neck pain?
Now I know why they call it PAIN IN THE NECK!!!!!!!...

 What is more horrible than this?
you realize you don't know how to swim?...

 I have bad neck pains and a wonky arm?
My neck cracked mysteriously this morning, and now my head is leaning more toward my good side (right)
Fine, but what's weirding me out is that my right arm & shoulder is up really high,...

 why do people abuse methadone?
I just don't understand why people abuse methadone. I know ALOT of people who pay $5 for a 10 mg pill. I was under the impression you DON'T get high from them, that they were used to help ...

 My thighs have been so sore, is there a special massage for that?

Additional Details
I would love to be your student... as you are my favorite rubber *grin* but I will have to cancel with this hot guy that has been helping me while I was out of town......

 My hands are swollen and ache, my palms are really sore, is this something bad, should I worry?

 Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril ? Mainly in the knees ?
I am on this medication for HB pressure , and seem to think the medication has made my knees & legs about useless .

Any one else experience anything like this ? I am only 54 years of ...

 what do you do when your back hurts so bad that it hurts to breathe?

 I went running today and my toes were literally bleeding. what can I do?

Additional Details
damn 1kay I thought I was doing something wrong.. *memo to self get rid of glass*...

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Can't afford a good new firm mattress - what can I do to the mattress to solve back problems?
We sleep on those ergonomic pillows. But our queen size bed is too soft and causes me agony upon awakening in the morning.

What can I do with my present mattress to make it firmer? Any suggestions would help right now..

I don't seem to have that firm a mattress but i used to get back problems as well.

ever seen those infomercials with those pillows you put in between your legs and you sleep in the fetal position? well the purpose of this is to align your spine and make sure you aren't doing anything your back doesn't like while sleeping.

The infomercial just poses the idea you don't even need to get the pillow, just sleep in the fetal position with your legs together or in between something (a regular pillow/ blanket). i noticed a major difference in my back pain even the day after and a week later it was gone. now i just sleep flat on my back.

Toke Lover - CANTHEIST
Shlakov beat me to my suggestion. It will give some additional support & firmness. If the mattress is sagging in places, it will still be a teeny bit "lumpy" (don't know a better way to describe), but it will be a little better anyway.

You will probably want to staple a piece of plastic or poly paper to it to keep your mattress from getting slivers though.

I have always been told to flip your mattress every 6 months or so. Helps keep the firmness for a long time and keeps you from having to buy a new one for a few years.

Ceiling Cat original edition
I was going to suggest the same thing as Shlakov (heh heh liking that nickname.)

A sheet of plywood between mattress and base is a good option. Regularly turning your mattress is another good option.

Remember to replace your bed every 10 years or so. If you're finding that you're getting back pain it's time to seriously start thinking about replacing it. I know they're expensive, but it's better than chronic pain, lack of sleep etc.

My parents used to put thin sheets of plywood under their mattress but above the box spring to get extra life out of it. Worth a shot.

Since you can't afford a new mattress, have you thought about buying a mattress topper for your current mattress? There are some really affordable memory foam ones available at http://www.lastingimpressionsfoam.com/categories/Memory-Foam-Toppers/

Plus, I've heard that memory foam is good for back problems.

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