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 injured SI joint?
i recently hurt my SI joint. it is not hurt very bad, but it hurts enough that i've missed a few games. how can i get better quickly?...

 My husband pushed my knee into my chest hard to relieve sciatica ,now knee extremely painful and tingles,why?
My husband pushed my knee hard into my chest to help relieve sciatica but ever since my knee has been very painful,I cannot even swim without it hurting and aqua aerobics where I waggled my leg in ...

 why do people in chronic pain have to feel ashamed and gulity for taking narcotics?
why are some people rude and judgemental about people with chronic pain to use narcotics (the dirty n word).Are they jelous,do they think they want a high and not pain controll?If some one is ...

 16 with lower back pain, how do i get rid of it?
I'm a 16 year old girl and im an athlete. I play basketball, and i didnt start to get this pain in my back until christmas 2007. I dont think this pain came from playing basketball during the ...

 I'm going swimming today! -- please answer!?
Im going swimming but i woke up with this awful cramping pain in my neck.. going through the right side of my neck to my shoulder, its painful when i move my head backwards or right -- anyone got ...

 When i breath in it feels like my heart aches..?
but its only temporary, and then its gone like that!
it happens to me once in awhile and to alot of friends i know, so what is it? itsnot too serious though or maybe it is?? >_<...

 Very severe headache?
I have had a headache for a few days now and I don't know why. It started friday night while i was at my gf house. I had to drive there and it is a long drive and highbeams were glaring in my ...

 Can you Help Me Please???
to cut my toenails, my back is hurting xxxx
Additional Details
Trucky my fanny pelmit is on *winks*...

 Are getting headaches normal? What about a headache everyday or so?
My boyfriend told me that's he's been getting headaches every day... what could be wrong? Thank you....

i don't know why but like this year started i been shaking when standing infront of the class reading... im not nervous also i don't take drugs...
also the same thing happens when i ...

 Sharp Head Pains?
For the past couple yearsevery so often maybe once or twice a month, I've been experiencing really sharp head pains sort of like someone taking an ice pick and stabbing me with it on the right ...

 Has anyone tried Tesco Paracetamol tablets?
I've got a headache, and some slight mild nerve pain and a pulled muscle on my bicep and shoulder.

Have you tried them? And do they work?

Thats all they have in my shop for ...

 Please help...?
i have headache for a long time...

especially in the right side of small brain....

is that side used for creativity or memory ?
what should i do ?...

 What can I do to relieve sunburn pain?

 What is the best pain reliever for back pain?
winter is coming and the pain is kicking in........

 Which works better for low back pain...ice or heat?
I'm in serious pain here...and I've been all over the web looking for information and it seems to be running 50-50...even among doctors that I've asked...so I decided to ask REAL ...

 what causes my back pain on my left side next to spinal cord??
I have this pain in my left side. its about the middle of my back and is absolutley killing me. it will be fine if i do nothing. but as soon as i start to do something and move aroubnd its hurting ...

 cutting my arm to feel the pain?
i have a friend who says that and even cuts herlself in front of me.what should i do to make it stop.please she needs help now.i dont want her to hurt herself anymore....

 Is there any problem with cracking your back?
I've had the habit of cracking my back and neck for several years. I feel it needs it when waking up in the morning and several times during the day. This usually makes it move more freely and ...

 What kind of doctor would deal with one who has bad knees?

Body pain that wont go away?
So here is the details, I HURT all over, its like a muscle tightness, yet a bone pain. I do have arthritist but it has never been this bad! Im stiff and sore, so sore that I can't go to the gym which is pissing me off! Any way Do you think its just my arthritist or maybe something with a nerve or slipped disk or something. I dont get it. I have lupus and auto immune disorder which yeah it comes with its aches and pains here and there but hell im really just starting to get mad cuz it wont go away, I am going to the DR friday but just wanted some ideas from other people.. THanks everyone in advance!
Additional Details
in addition I am on an anit inflamitory med that I have been on for 10 yrs now. I've had SLE over half my life now and this is a new thing, It could really just be that im sleeping bad or hurt my self playing soft ball at the gym but didn't realize it, im just not sure!

2 cents
Some meds can cause all over body aches...also withdrawal from meds will do this also. My cholesterol medicine gave me muscular aches like this...right down to the bone. You say you have lupus and auto immune disorder...could be you the doc just hasn't found the right medication yet. Good Luck Dear.

i think the only solution to all kind of body pain is a good oil massage. mostly the problem is that ur body doesn't have enough lubrication in it so it hurts as it takes double the energy to do any sort of motion. so go for an oil massage trust me this will work .

Oil massage doesn't mean u need to go to a massage parlor. get some coconut oil or olive oil. apply all over your body.... literally all over ur body including head etc..... . apply oil on your body in excess and stay for an hour. then go have a nice bath. i can assure u that u will sleep like an angel that day and by the next day morning u wont show any symptoms of body pain....

this solution is very popular in south India and it had worked for 90% of the body pain all the best!!!!!

OK, this is a stupid question but have you taken any NSAIDS (non-steriodal anti-inflammatories)? Do these help any? Some should help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, but I assume you already know this. Since you described the pain that you feel as a bone pain, then I am going to make the assumption that this is arthritis related as well. OK what about steroidal anti-inflammatories, do you take any of those?
I did take immunology in school, but I'm still naive here: I'm just going on the assumption that any anti-inflammatory agents should have some ability to dampen the aggressive immune response that your body is presenting.
I've heard a theory that in the past that parasitic infections were such a problem that strong immune responses such as alot of IgE immunoglobins were needed to effectively fight them off. The downside was that now we don't need these anymore, but we are stuck with them in our genes and are possibly responsible for conditions such as asthma (which I had) and arthritis and SLE. Basically because our bodies don't know what to do with this part of our immune system.
Good luck at the Doc, I'm sure you'll feel no pain as of Friday. Just keep thinking of that, no pain Friday. Let me know how it went.

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