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 how do u get codine?

 can someone please give me advice to my lower back pain?
well once i hit the age 13 is when my menstrual cycle started and ever since then i have always had sever lower back pain. Also another thing is i have a slight case of scoliosis which is a curvature ...

 Pain to the left side of my belly button. HELP!!?
the pain is like three to four inches left of my belly button it has been hurting for these past days it hurts more when i run. When i feel it it feels like there is a little bump there i am really ...

 If i sit to long i get a sharp pain in the back of my leg?what is it???????
ok. So i can only last about 20 minutes in a car because i get this sharp pain in my upper leg in the back it hurts so bad..what could it be?...

 This morning I felt like I had a big rock in my butt...(serious)?
I woke up this morning and my *** starts hurting me! I felt like a rock was being pushed up my ***! Then I tried going to the bathroom and I did number 2 and it went away.But I just wondering,what WAS...

 can i request my doc.send me for a ct or emg or mri scan?
iii have bad muscular and bone pains and am told i have fibromyalgia and arthritis, but i have never been tested and my pains are getting worse and affect my day to dayliving as well as my sleeping ...

 My right wrist hurts when I bend it?
I'm 14 now, when I was 11 I slipped and landed on my hand and bent it back pretty far. I went to a hospital and they said everything was fine. It normally hurts around once every 2-3 months, ...

 is this a migraine ?!?!?
every so often , like once every two or three month my vision gets like wayyyy fuzzy, sorta like a tv when the channel doesnt come in good. & i cant hear right, but my head only hurts a little. ...

 why did my neck hurts a lot during class.... help?
i was in class talking to my friend and then neck on the left side starting hurting it one second it didnt hurt but then i was soooo much pain i felt like crying and its hard to make me cry ...

 After i drink I wake up with a headache and have it all day until i drink again what's wrong with me?
If I wake up after drinking I have a bit of a hangover/headache, but as soon as I drink again I feel fine. Usually no matter how bad I feel.
Additional Details
I will be in a bad mood ...

 my knees pain a lot... sometimes it's severe. I cant keep legs in the same position for long time.?
theres is no swelling. it doesnt pain when touched or pressed also. it aches inside the knees. mostly only one of the knees ache at a time and it shifts between knees.
the ortho checked and ...

 Volleyball Pain?
Okay. on Monday i had tryouts, and after that i felt pretty sore. i am used to being sore. on Tuesday i had practice and that night i had severe pain in my mid-lower back. it is not the same as being ...

 How do you get rid of migraines?
I have migraines almost everyday now, and its hard to get rid of them! They hold me back from having fun and getting work done, so can someone help?...

 what helps back pain?
i have scoliosis and it is causing me alot of pain i have just ran out of my medication but what can i do to help the pain untill then cuz i was at a disco all night last night and my back is killin !...

 Is minor neck gland pain something to worry about?
I've had a dull pain, especially when lifting things over my head or getting up from sitting down. It doesn't hurt bad, just in the above cases. Advice......

 wat should u do for a tension headache? i have 1?

 severe knee pain..can anyone help?
Right outer knee area, not actual patella, pain for about 6 weeks, wakes me up, so bad at times I am actually physically ill. I am not really active, no running, cycling, etc though I do walk. Pain ...

 I went running today, and my muscles are sore. What should I do?
I had cross country practice this morning and I stretched before and after running. My legs and feets are still sore. What should I do? Will a plain hot bath work?
Additional Details
I ...

 My gf's bones always make a clicking sound why?
Her bones click alot, almost everybone, when she walks upstairs her knee clicks, and her hip. When she walks around sometimes her ankles click etc...What causes it? and what can stop this? It doesnt ...

 What are her chances?
A friend of mine got in a car wreck. She had bleeding in the brain, and both lungs are collapsed, along with liver damage. The doctors said if she makes it she will be a vegtable but they always say ...

Best things to do when your back is sore?

Cheri 1
If it's serious - as little as possible

Most Drs will tell you that rest along with laying on a hard surface is the best thing you can do for a sore back.

Get hold of Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain" - he's a real doctor, not a goofball, and his book is the most unexpected thing you can imagine. An entirely different look at pain.

Get the book used from Amazon for about nothing.

get a bj

James O
pop a vicodin, have a glass of wine, stretch out and watch some tv

Alternate ice and heat and either lie or sit on a hard surface. As always, "if pain persists, speak with your doctor!"

I would ask a pro. Doctor

Justin Case
put ice on it and don't strain it so don't lift anything heavy or do anything strenuous. if it's not getting any better go see the doctor. hope i helped!

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