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 what is wrong with my shoulder?
it really hurts, there is no swelling its most likely on the inside. i cannot put weight on it meaning i can't lay on my side, or when i am sitting on the floor i cant put my arm down on the ...

 epidural injection?
I need to surgury for rotar cuff.does it work well. and how is it administored....

 why does my heal hurt in the morning so bad?

 My friend is wondering if there's a way to get some vicodin prescribed to him?
he isn't addicted to it but he went to the doctor and said he has back pain and they gave him some muscle relaxants instead. is there some way to trick the doctor into prescribing vicodin? i ...

 Lump on bottom of foot?
i woke up with a lump on the bottom of my foot. its on the inner side of the heel and stretches into the arch a little. painful to walk on...maybe about a size of a quarter. what is it?...

 my stomach is sore, what could this be?
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 need to know if potassium deficiency will cause muscle pain?
Iam 36 yrs old and suffering from mild muscular pain of my shoulder and back....

 EMERGENCY!!! My friend took 16 extra strength rapid release tylenol 2 hours ago...?
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 Am i hurt really bad?
me and my older brother were fighting, and he hit me on the head with an object. i don't know how bad it is, but it hurts pretty bad, and i touched the spot and felt blood. is this really bad??? ...

 is it possible that i developed Sciatica due to excessive sitting ?
i do office work at a desk where i sit at least 8 hours i have now developed sciatica condition, would this be something that workers comp should cover?...

 neck and shoulder pains, especially in the mornings?
I get them about 5 times a week either after i wake up or late in the afternoon. Sometimes they are OK, other times they are very painful. They occur in my lower neck and shoulder. i have tried ...

 Very weird symptom of a migraine?
I've been experiencing this since I was in grade 4, and now I'm a high school senior. Every time I will have a migraine, there is a "symptom." The symptom is that, my vision will ...

 Chiropractor or physical therapy for lower back problems?
I have often reoccuring back pain and all the Dr. wants to do is give me muscle relaxers which don't do much at all....

 Serious Q. ACL surgery???
I had surgery on my ACL last wednesday, the 15th. My doctor didn't stick around to talk to me after, and I only talked to his little side kick the next day, and he didn't seem to know what ...

 Is it possible to overdose from taking too much hydrocodone a.k.a. Loratab 10's
I recently read an article that accidental overdoses from mixing perscription drugs seem to be rising over the last 10yrs. For example with the recent death of Heath Ledger, the actor from the D...

 My doctor just diagnosed me with TMJ disorder and presrcibed physical therapy...?
The therapist can't see me for a month, anyone have any tips on how to alleviate some of the pain in the meantime (aside from medication, I'm already doing that) ?...

 im scared to have surgery what do i do?

 Pain in my left arm?
For alot of months now i have been getting a sharp pain from the bottom of neck to the tip of my middle left finger? does anyone know what it is?
Additional Details
Forgot to put im 19 ...

 Is There a Cure For Back Pain?

 I have a horrible burning sensation of the esphagus, what can I do to fix the pain?

Conner R
Are your knee caps supposed to move left and right very freely?
I have been playing football for about 7 weeks now, and today when I stood up straight after my game I realized some small pain in my left kneecap. I touched it and it moved, so I started to move it left and right and it didn't hurt but it moves about a half inch or so to the left and right. The same with my right kneecap except I feel no pain for my right. What is wrong with my kneecaps? Should I go see a doctor?
Additional Details
Oh I see, this is not good. Will I be able to return to football and still play in my season?

Yeah you should that i not supposed to happen.

yeh bro go to the doctor. even if some people say its 'normal', better safe that sorry right?

Roxanne G
yes immediately

Go see a doctor about this. Sorry I don't know very much about the subject, except that's not normal.

that sounds odd.
perhaps you could see a doctor, but..
if i am sitting on the ground and my legs are stretched in front of me, i am able to move my kneecaps easily left and right.

no, this is not normal. Go see an orthopedist ASAP.

Gene M
Yes go see a doctor. You have a very mobile patella which means your patella is smaller in size. It will give you PFS aka runners knee, which can be fixed with physio.

its normal every1s kneecap moves you probably havnt noticed it untill now because not many people pay attention to parts of their body they cant see easily untill they feel pain in them. your knee cap moves easily because it needs to in order for leg to bend so dont worry unless there is still pain then go ahead and get it checked out.

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