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mandy b
why does peanutbutter upset my stomach?
im guessing its gas pain but why does PB does that? happens to anyone else?
Additional Details
lol no im def not allergic...i eat nuts and im fine and my tummy doesnt get upset...so something else

Tara P
.............u seriously wasted 5 points for this question?
Whatever xD
U probably have an allergic reaction or sometin

[ Sooh ]
you might be allergic to peanuts or something similar ... peanut butter has tons of oil ... they can upset your stomach ...
My mom cant eat it, if she does she throws up, its sort of a liver/stomach problem she has! =/

anonymous (aka) Sylar
it might be that you are allergic to something they put in the peanut butter that's not in the nuts. they put a lot of extra things in stuff maybe your allergic to something else they put in it.

some people are allergic for peanuts, i think that could be a possible reason

It doesn't happen to me. I think that you could be allergic to peanut butter. Contact your doctor and have some tests done.

Yes! I just noticed recently that it upsets my stomach, too. Weird, huh? I thought maybe I had a slight allergy to it or something. I still eat it sometimes b/c I love it, but I can't eat much b/c it does make me a little sick.

u may be allergic to peanuts... if it gets worse get it checked out

yes mammmmmaaa

I heart FlapJacks!
You may have a slight intolerance to peanuts. I suggest cutting back on it. It's probably ok if you just eat a little bit but try not to eat very much of it.

There is a lot of oil in peanut butter which can over lubricate your GI tract.

Stop eating

sometimes it irritates people like olives do sometimes to my dad. its natural. there is no way you could be allergic. conditions would have been worse, i would see with the doctor though

yea that happens to me a lot too.. idk what it is though. =[ if you find out what it is let me know!

You could be allergic to peanuts, or your stomach may just be sensitive to eating a lot of fat in one sitting.

probably becuase you could be lactose intolerant.
me, my dad, and some friends have the same problem.
were all lactose intolerant.

thats how i found out was by eating PB, getting a terrible tummy ache and i had never had any problems before that.

Mclovin S
you might just be allergic just dont eat it

Michael D
becasue i farted on your nan

Peanut butter makes me feel sick too. Just because its gross :P

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