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 is she an alcoholic? how can i help her?
i think someone very close to me is an alcoholic.
(dont worry, its not me i dont drink and i never will because of this person)
she doesnt drink TOO often, (it varies, it will be a couple ...

 Where can I buy prescription drugs online without a prescription? Need a site that's not a scam and is legit.?
******Or a site that sells prescription drugs and offers prescriptions******...

 Why are there so many questions from people who cut themselves?
Who the heck does that? I mean seriously, wtf? How common are these freaks?...

 Do you think "drug testing" is accurate?
Do you know anyone who had a "false" positive drug test? What happened?
What are your views?...

 Where can I buy Prilosec OTC?
this doesn't have to be prescribed right?
How much is it?...

 is there any alcohol free moisturisers that i can buy?

 How do I explain my mother's leg amputation to my 5-year-old daughter?
My daughter is really smart, knows that grandma's leg has lots of trouble, but has no idea that she's having it amputated this week. How do I explain to her why it's no longer there ...

 I cut myself?
I cut myself because there was ink on my scissors and I tried to remove the ink but I stupidly cut myself, now I think there is ink inside my cut. How can I remove the ink inside the cut? Please don&#...

 Terrible Panic Attacks?
My best friend has really bad panic attacks she gets really bad, i don't know why she has them but she has a phobia of sick an we were watching monty python where the fat guy is sick and she ...

 Do i have an eating disorder?
I'm a 14-year-old girl and naturally normal height and weight. I have gained a lot of weight though over a few moths because I've stopped exercising (horse ridding and martial arts are my ...

 My finals' coming and my throat's acting up. I feel like I'm gonna get sick =/ HELP!?
So my throats been really bad, it's hard to swallow and it always feels like there's a lump in my mid-throat. I slept next 2 an open window 2 nights ago and ever since then it's been ...

 Red Bull can cause Death?
Okay, so i LOVE red bull and im addicted to it, i drink only like a quarter of it, but my friend told me that drinking red bull can cause death.....im confused...help? do u think its true? should i ...

 has anyone here had any experiences where ignoring illnesses, they disappear?
using certain techniques or something.......

 Have you noticed that the smoking ban?
Inside bars has stopped the chavs from going out and causing trouble?Theres a bar i normaly go to and before the smoking ban it was packed on friday and saturday night with mosty young people or ...

 Getting off the weed...will it affect my study?
Well I am sick of it. Over a year on it and I don't want to anymore. Is going cold turkey is the best way?...I'm starting a certificate in animal studies in a week...so I really want to ...

 What to do about messed up ear?
My friends ear felt weird after using someone else's headphones, then she went swimming and now she can barely hear out of it. Does this mean she has water in it or an ear infection or what?...

 How do I fix my eyesight?
How do I fix my eyesight please help. Please tell me SOMETHING to DO that can fix my eyesight please. All I know about fixing eyesight is relaxation like palming. If you guys know anything else ...

 Feeling tired all the time?
For the last few weeks I've been feeling really sluggish and tired all the time for no apparent reason. I have a fairly healthy diet and I am a 21 year old guy so I shouldn't really be ...

 How does one go about becoming a brain surgeon?
Besides the obvious, i am not really understanding how I would get down the line to the desired job in my future, i want to be a brain surgeon. Obviously i need pre-med, but that really isnt a Major ...

 My mom needs some help to stop drinking?
shes drink alot then driving and sometimes driving with me in the car. she miss understands simple things and makes them in to something worth crying over plez link me so something to help her!...

why does my throat get itchy when i eat some fruits?
my throat gets itchy when i eat watermelon,bananas,sometimes grapes and apples?

<3 i lOVE U:)
because fruit has acid in it

Most likely you are allergic to them but it is not severe enough to kill you or cause you to stop breathing

You might be slightly allergic...

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