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its like BOOOOOOOOOOM...

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why do some people have such bad breath?
There are a couple of ppl I know who's bad breath is noticeable from across the room.
Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?

Dustin J
idk salad tossing

space chimp
IDK, but i brush my teeht about 35 times each tooth =D

hahahaha lololol.

Bad breath results from stomach contents undergoing fermentation. Also, even if you brush and floss you can still have bad breath.

Could be hormones---also sinus problems---talking too much (increasing bacteria in mouth), mouth sores---taking medications---even just not flossing teeth. Bad breath and menstrual cycle are also related in some people.

This site knows more than I do though http://www.mothernature.com/Library/Bookshelf/Books/48/10.cfm

And YES, people can be aware of it but feel there is nothing they can do about it.

Good luck with this!

Or just hey you!
I don't think some can, maybe they have rotten teeth you cant see or maybe they ate something strong or maybe there nasty a$$ didn't brush there teeth

Dead or diseased flesh. Wherever it is, mouth or stomach, bad breathe is rotten.

Heather J
They could have tonsilliths... nasty little things.

they just got alot germs that give off gas

Idk, it kills me though!!!
I wonder if they just don't brush their teeth in the morning?

1) dont brush teeth
2) ate garlic!-ewwww!
3) just cuz they stink
4) gas.......
5) dont have mints/tacs/gum
6) ?

Mr. Lemur
they fart out of their mouth.

Maybe it's just what they eat?

they need to learn what a toothbrush is and the correct hole to use it in lol

j c
It's from bacteria living in their gums or in between thier teeth. Offer them a breath mint.

it all depends on what type of food they eat...plus how well they keep up their hygeine....

well they have it because the bacteria build up is high in their mouth. Which my guess would be a sign they are not brushing as much as they should, or as well as they should. There is a good chance that they are not aware of it because the human condition is if you are around something all the time you gt used to that thing. So if their breath is like that all the time then they will not be aware of it.

people may have bad breath out of different reasons. bad breath cause maybe from a dirty mouth, lack of oral care, gum disease, cavities, dry mouth, medications, smoking, eating garlicky meal or health diseases like stomach related diseases.

depending on the cause of it bad breath care and treatments may be sought properly. the best move that you should do is to be able to know the exact cause of your horrible breath. you can ask the help of your dentist.

keeping an eye to proper oral hygiene and practicing oral habits properly can be very helpful in eliminating bad bacteria in the mouth which causes bad breath. water is of great importance in keeping the mouth hydrated, salivated for it keeps bad bacteria in control.

you can also avoid meals that can cause bad breath. the use of an all natural oral care treatments can be helpful in washing away bad bacteria in the mouth. and if all commonsense measures does no good, it is better that you seek the help of a doctor, for you might have stomach related illness that causes a foul breath.

for more tips about getting rid of bad breath visit http://www.oramd.com

not normally. most of the time they'r completely oblivious.
unless people back away and stuff
drop a note in their bag ahahahah

Many people overlook the fact that besides brushing your teeth, that you also need to brush your tongue. The tongue will give off odors if not properly taken care off, regardless how well they brush their teeth. In addition, certain foods can give people bad breath (onions, garlic) regardless of how well they clean their teeth.

BAD BREATH is a serious social problem for many people regardless of age and status in life. To combat bad breath you must first know what causes bad breath. It starts up from bad cavity. Brushing the teeth to remove plaque and tartar helps, as does treating canker sores that may appear on the gums and taking other steps to maintain good oral hygiene. Unless bad breath is kept under control by tooth brushing and flossing and where necessary, the use of antibacterial products at http://www.oramd.com/bad-breath.htm the condition will recur.

no brushy no flossy

Bad breath (halitosis) originates from your stomach, not your mouth. Usually digestive problems or an ulcer is the problem. No matter how much they floss or rinse or brush, it'll come right back. Although not brushing and allowing your teeth go rot and go black will certainly aid in the foul smell of something dead emanating from your pie hole.

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