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why do people feel the need to have plastic surgery?
detailed answers please :)
its for my homework

b/c they are fugly.

Cause they are insecure about how they look and feel that having plastic surgery will help. Alot of woman today are pressured by the media to look like models . So they resort to surgeries and body modifications.

Sally Anne
Sometimes they are born with an awful nose or deformed in some way, life cleft lip and having surgery makes it better. Which is lovely for them

After being in a car crash or being beat up. Also people who are crooks have it done so they will not be recognised by gangs or police who are after them.

Other times they are just vain. Older people do not like it when they start ageing and try to regain a youthful look.

Plastic surgery can go drastically wrong and deform the person rather than enhance the person in their appearance. (Good sentence for you)

Savoy Truffle
They don't have much self-esteem, and they think that that's the only way that they can be pretty

Mama Outlaw
Some people have actual deformities that are either birth defects or the result of injury, which can be painful, uncomfortable, or cause social disabilities.

It is a fact of life that attractive people are better liked at first sight and therefore have more opportunities in life. People with unusual features have to work a little harder. This may be why Cher and Barbara Streisand developed great talents instead of becoming starlets. While I'm talking about old celebrities, check out Eartha Kitt--the 1960s videos--she is more beautiful than the doll-faced mutants of today, but no one would take her picture to their plastic surgeon...

The misuse of plastic surgery, to "perfect" ordinary, even pretty, human features so that people look more like dolls than humans, so that minor celebrities have their own distinctive features--there is an Arab nose, a Roman nose, a German nose, a Newscaster nose--that comes from our narcissistic culture in part, and part of it comes from something called Say's Law, "supply creates it's own demand". People sometimes want something just because it's available to them. Plastic surgery is advertised in suburban newpapers, so it seems like something to do.

That's your homework? Wow. Idk, look it up! Self-esteem issues...Some people get in bad accidents and mess their faces up so they get reconstructive surgery

A lot of people feel the need to have plastic surgery because they don't like the way they look and/or are insecure about themselves.
Hope that helped!

Bamp Bamp
People feel the need to have plastic surgery because they have low self esteem and lack of confidence. I think there's absolutely no point in getting it done unless it's absolutely necessary, for example: breast reduction, broken nose, broken jaw, things that are actually needed. Why would anyone want to change the way that they look by spending thousands of dollars altering what they were given? Just so they can look even more deformed? I think it's stupid, if you don't like the way you look then you can use other methods to make yourself look younger by actually taking care of yourself. People who get nose jobs and face lifts and breast implants to look like other celebrities won't get them anywhere. It may m ake them feel good for a split second but then they'll regret it. It's pointless. Spend your money on something more useful instead of using it to turn into the Cat Lady.

to improve their appearance, either to correct something they don't like or to combat ageing

Low self-esteem. An ugly person does not need it if he doesn't care how he looks. A beautiful person will do it is she feels lacking in certain areas. Normally, the more confident you are, the less likely you will need plastic surgery.

Do your own homework.

Cool, a question
pretty obvious.
'they don't like the way they look"

There are many reasons. From mentally not feeling good enough, to physical reasons. Here is the list that can be why.

-Insecurities or low self esteem. They have a body part or scar and they think "fixing" the problem will make their lives better and improve how they feel about themselves. A woman may think that one of her breasts is bigger than the other, it over-takes all of her thoughts and decisions, so she wears bigger shirts to cover it up. She decided to have surgery to make the other breast enhanced to match the other size because it makes her feels ugly and without that imperfection, she will no longer have to hide her body.
- Some have to in order for their bodies to function properly. For example, someone may need plastic surgery to fix over-lapping skin that prevents them from being able to see out of their eye. Without the surgery, they may never be able to see out of there eye again. They weigh the risks of the surgery and decided to due it because the risks and worth being able to regain eye-sight.
- Society tells people that they should look a certain way, so they have plastic surgery for other people. Society tells us that our noses must be a certain size, for example, and at times those outside of that category are judged daily. Even if they love how their nose looks, and it's a part of their culture and history, they do it so that they are not stared at and harassed daily. That is why we see celebs and many people in the media/ entertainment/ sales etc. business with plastic surgery. Since people love big breasts, for example, people with smaller breasts that are not enlarged have a lower chance at achieving their dream of being in some form of a public spotlight, so they do what they have to do.
- Some do it for health reasons, in order to increase the longevity of their lives. For example, someone obese gets a weight loss surgery because if they do not, they will ultimately die from other causes of obesity, such as heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes.
- Some do it for cultural reasons. In some cultures, it is accepted and practiced as a way of life and is seen as normal and has been practiced for many years.
-Some do it for other mental health reasons besides a low self esteem, like depression, to reinvent themselves. Some people lack attention and feel unloved, so they do it in order to get attention in the recovery process of the surgery.
- For medications.
- For fun. They have nothing else to do and have money, so why not improve themselves is the way they see it.

Personally, I know someone who has all types of surgeries- usually 1-2 per year whether plastic surgery or other- in order to get medications such as Vicodin for pain. It's illegal, but she does it.

to improve their appearance/ self esteem

I would make my main topic on lack of self confidence. Here you can break off many topics. Media, Price etc.

power corrupts
because of low self worth

i love the smell of burnig plastic when i sunbathe...

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