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 what's moving inside my stomach??????

 How do I control my hunger after smoking weed?
Usually I can't control the apetite even if I smoke after I eat. What are ways to resist the hunger?
Additional Details
Sorry 4 my mispelled words (appetite)...

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my doctor said i might have a ernia and if i do ill need surgery. i havent had surgery since i was a baby and im really freakin out over it. i need help cuz i dont like needles and im nervous about ...

 WHY ARE PEOPLE.................?
why are people on here so rude
i mean if you dont like a question click 'back"
you dont have to answer so mean you dont
have to answer at all.
sorry, not really a ...

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 Should i smoke weed or no?
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I need a smoking medicine that works very well and doesn't have alot of side effects. I took Chantix but at the second week when you have to take two, I can't fall asleep so please help!!!!!...

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 have you ever asked "When is the Baby Due?" mistakenly to an obese person?
what happened and were you embarrased?...

 why can i never get high when i smoke marijuana/weed?
i smoke weed, i smoke it with my mates and i can never get high, my mates get high each and every time, i just never do. Yesterday i smoked weed with my best mate and he got high and i didn't, ...

 is making yourself sick bad for the body?
hi eating so much then making my self sick so dont put on weight what is this doing to my body really need to know the damage i am ...

 have you got an Inny, or an Outy ??? belly button?
mines an inny......

 Do you like milk? will you grow taller if you drink milk?

 do you pull the skin off your lips with your teeth?
when you can feel abit thats dry or hanging off? i cant help my self....

 if i no longer smoke cigarettes will be lungs heal or do they remain damaged?
i have smoked for 6 yrs and now i have quit because i have bronchitus. i want to know if my lungs will heal from the years of cigarette smoking or will they stay damaged?
Additional Details<...

 Why am I sleeping so much?
I'm 16 years old, and to put it simply, I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I wake up at 6:30 then come home from school at 3 and no matter how hard I try I always end up falling asleep ...

 Help, Iv Got a Pencil stuck in my rectum!!?
Any ideas?
Additional Details
Haha sry, just checking out the reaction!...

 Do Guys Like girls *ahem 's* shaved?
Have you ever seen american pie where that girl's *you know* is shaved? Do guys really like that?...

 when will i grow??? Help plz?
I am like going into 8th grade and i am not growing!! Im like the shortest person in my class and it suxs! Everyone in my family is tall except me and i hate it. When will i grow? Will i grow?...

Cody Bagel
why do i still wear diapers like a baby?
hi im 12 years old and i still have to wear diapers during the day and night can someone please help my doctors dont know whats wrong with me.

OMG! Are you serious! That sux!

Blader problem dont feel bad

bull. why dont you not waste everyones time and post a real question? your not funny.

your doctor(s) really should be able to figure this out for you. if not, they don't deserve to be doctors.

urinary tract infection?

You either have a prostate issue (doubt it) or just have a sensative bladder. believe me. a lot of people have it. i dont, but other people do

if ur doctors can't even help, how would we be able to? tell your parents to potty train you

rawrr toast(:

Music Lover
ummmmmmmmm...Maybe you have what's called a urinary reflux? That's what I had when I was like 4. They made me wear diapers and I was potty trained, so I refused to go in them. lol.

What makes you think we could answer this?

Answer Mine?

loud mouth :D
i don't know maybe you have like a bladder problem or something.

Maybe its because you cant control yourself.... U should consider going to a physoligist or something.....

kidney infection and this is such a joke lol nice =]

ummm you like them still? i dunno do you still need them

Robyn Lynn
really? what's so hard about using the bathroom...?

I guess your parents were a little late in potty training you.

Sarah T
can you say "Troll"?

Stop dreaming. Start being.
A lot of kids where diapers, adults do, 16 year olds do.. A LOT of people do. That's why there are such things like adult diapers. You're not a baby because you wear one, you are still you. I don't know what's "wrong" with you, but there's nothing wrong with who you are.

sarah m
Are you potty trained? Do you have a disease? You need new doctors for sure. There is something very wrong that needs to be addressed. Wetting the bed at night is one thing - but this is very serious.

because you still p*ss and sh*t yourself probably. if they don't know, its probably a mental thing. go to a psychiatrist of some sort

Maybe your so constipated that you don't know when your gonna burst lol

Haru san
Your almost a teenager,
teach yourself how to use the darn toilet. its not hard.
go to the bathroom before you go to bed at night so that you dont wet yourself in your sleep, and dont drink lots of water at night time, and dont get up in the middle of the night and snack on things.

You need to learn to go to the bathroom and pee in the toilet like other 12 year old boys... Just stand up in front of the potty, whip out your pingalingus and hold it while pointing it to the bowl. Then release... Wala: you have peed like a man.

Vinny Bag of Donuts
you like to give Pampers money?

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