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 Whats wrong with me?
I have been having really bad headaches everyday all day for almost a year now....i see spots....and get really dizzy.....sometimes i lose my hearing for like a minute....also my back kills me and i ...

 ciggerettes && weed ?
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 Why do I have headaches EVERY single day? I have had them everyday since I was around 4, and I'm now 21.?
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 It's snowing outside, will taking cold shower make me sick?
My water heater broke and the guy said it will take him 2 days to repair it... I'm the type who HAS to shower & wash my hair EVERYDAY.

Last night I just managed to wash my hair &...

 i need help for a friend?
my friend cuts herself and wont stop i cant tell her parents b/c her dad well beat her and i can tell the councler b/c she well tell her parents but i dont know how to get her to stop b/c she lies ...

 What do you do if you have chapped lips, and don't have anything to cure it?
Sometimes my lips get really chapped and really hurt! And i dont have anything around to cure them. What should you do in a case like this?
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What causes this to happen?...

 phobia of wasp?
i have this big phobia of wasp.when one come near me ill start to shake and ill get realy scared.i dunno how to get over that im scared of them.
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im not allergic to ...

 i am having a very bad constipation problem,i will drink lot of water and eat fruits,eventhought there is no?
effects,i will do lot of exercise also.is there any solution for this problem????????????...

 Is eating your own boggers from your nose healthy?

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This yahoo answers is fun asking any question in the world.I dont eat my own boggers thanks....

 What might be the cause of my headaches? What can i do?
Well for the past week or two i have been getting really bad headaches....Its more like a migraine....and most of the time its on my left side....When i start to feel it come on i take ibprofin ...

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 Can you tell me this.?
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 Why do only girls have periods?
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Thanks beacause i'm a 11 year old kid that does not know ...

 is drinking liqour or smoking weed or cigarettes bad when breastfeeding?

 does it hurt?
does losing yur virginity hurt alot?
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 I have a friend who when she looks at you her eyes flicker from left to right and back again?
They flicker really quickly and its really hard not to notice. Is this normal, and why does it happen?...

 best human?

 Why is my son having so much trouble with adjusting to be a vegetarian?
My 16 years old son just moved in with me, my husband, and four other kids just before the school started.
So when he move in and find out that the whole family is a vegan or vegetarian. We try ...

why do doctors shine their flash light in peoples eyes.?
for example, when someone goes to the doctor, the doctor shines their flash light in your eyes. what do they see?

your cornea and pupils.
If it's swollen, small, grayish in color, exposed to lighting.

pupils, yes, but maybe to test the reaction to the light, cos it's so quick

They check your corneas and your eye pupils to see if they are healthy.


there checking to see if your pupils dialate and contract simultaneously.

Blue Haired Old Lady
How your pupils react to the light and the retinas on the back of your eyes, and the cornea to see if you have cataracts.

V3J 1T4
they are checking the pupil's ability to get smaller when light is detected

To look at your cornea and see if your pupils dilate.

its so they can dilate your pupil too see inside of your retina, so they can see if there is a problem.

to see your peuple dialate

Lots of things they are making sure your pupils are equal and reactive and they are also looking in the back of your eyes where the veins are they can tell if you have all kinds of diseases by checking that area.

Just a light is checking cornea and dilation.

Drops in your eyes and a very bright light over every millimeter is a retinal examination. Usually done only by an ophthalmologist.

to check how your pupils dilate to make sure your not loopy, I DONT KNOW AM NOT A DOCTOR!! LOL the dilate part is true though

1. To check your pupils reactions
2. And to check your retina (the back of your eye)
3. To check your lens

Doctors can see a lot by looking in your eyes, the color, blood vessels and clarity of the eye can tell them a lot.

randall flagg
They are checking for something wrong, can be pupil dilation ( although that's for unconscious people mostly) or cornea.

Christy SD Nurse
They are looking to see if the pupil is constricting as it should.

to see in the back of your eye =]

Impish Jerome
the light is widening your pupils, the doctor is checking for any irregualities i.e. blood vessels, etc.

Richard B
just to make it look like they know what they are doing

To see the reaction of your pupils.

they're checking for the pupils dilation... very important thing when it comes to seeing!

To see if your pupils dilate. If they do not then that is a sign of the brain stem being damaged.

Grant M
they see if your puples dialate. If the dont you are on drugs or something is wrong... Grant M in Pennsylvania

So they could check your eye if anything is wrong with your eyes.

They're looking for the speed of dilation and any shaking movement that shouldn't be there. It's basically just checking that everything's okay since the eyes can be used to indicate certain conditions.

Da Parsnips
to see the pupils size to see if you are well or not...the pupil will get smaller if light is shined into it and bigger when light isn't shinned into it. try it

They see your pupil dilation.

They're checking your corneas for cataracts.
(The things that make you go blind)

They are checking to see if your pupils dialate.

They're seeing if your pupils are dilating when exposed to light. If your pupils don't, there is a problem that must be resolved.

David D
Doctors are checking to see how your pupils react to light.

I work as a paramedic, and we do the same thing to help assess patient status.

A normal person would be PERRL = Pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light.

Most people's pupils will dialate and constrict equally, even though the light source is only shone in one eye at a time. However, some people pupils will act independently.

If a person has a brain or nerve injury, a common sign is that their pupils will not react to change in light. If a person does not have a pulse, and CPR is performed, doctors and medical care personnel will check pupil response to see if they have suffered brain damage to assess whether or not to continue the resuscitation efforts. Also, drug users on opiates will have tiny pin-point pupils, and barely reactive to light.

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