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Monique M
what would happen if you flash a flashlight on pregnant woman's stomach?

around 5 mo it can see the light and will try to cover its eyes



The same thing that would happen if you flashed it on your stomach, probably.

Illusive One
depends on at what stage she is.

after 5 months the baby will try to move away from bright light so the lady will feel kicking in her abdomen.

depending on the age of the baby in utero it may venture toward the light.

her belly is illuminated prompting other people to notice her bloated stomach, causing her to scream "HEY! SWITCH THAT DAMN THING OFF"

You would see her stomach in a clearer light particularly if it is in a darkened room..... NO, you will not be able to see the baby's eyes

deet deet
the baby would squint.

David B
My guess is nothing.

nothing! If would do nothing, it's hardly an x-ray is it. x x x

Old Thrashbarg
The fetus will pound on the abdominal wall and shout "Turn that crap off I'm trying to sleep"

mickey g
well, i would suspect nothing. its just light. like sunlight. if the baby can see yet, it might turn over so its not staring at the light. other than that, you're just a moron with a flashlight pointed at a pregnant lady's belly

Your stomach would be illuminated! OOOO pretty!

IF the woman is at least 16-18 weeks the baby will move its hand to sheild its eyes from the light. Shining a light on your belly is usually not harmful to the baby but by the middle of the second trimester it is able to kinda be annoyed by the brightness of the light and try to sheild its eyes.

If you were far enough along the baby would be able to see the light. It would look similar to if you shined a light through the palm of your hand while you were in a dark room. The baby may respond to the light by moving or kicking.

Nothing, moron.

wow, jessiekusopo is the real moron here.

If the woman is far enough along (5 months +) the baby will move away from the light. Of course you have to hold the flashlight against her stomach in order for it to work.

I used to do this all the time when I was pregnant cuz it was so fun to feel her move!

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