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 very very smelly cast?
My son (young toddler) fell and broke his arm a couple of weeks ago that left him with a cast on his wrist.
He is fine and in no discomfort. however...
... he is only one and a half and ...

 what is the difference between anorexia and...?
anorexia and anorexia nervosa? i DO NOT have an eating disorder, please dont suggest. i luv my body and am at a very healthy weight. i was reading an answer to a different question on this site and ...

 Massage client-customer relationship?
I just started going to a certified massage place about a year ago. I have gone about 10 times now and have tired each of the three therapists who practice there. One I have decided that I like the ...

 What kind of cyst is this?
Well, I'm really bored so I think I'll ask a question about my cyst lol. I've had it for years and it hasn't gotten any bigger or anything. It is on my left hand and runs from ...

 Is this type of Nose Job possible...?
Instead of scooping a big lump out of the bone of my nose,
they just alter the shape of the tip of my nose? - like removing some thin cartilidge?
How much would this sort of procedure cost, ...

 Recently, every night when i'm in bed i get a really itchy and sore throat..?
it happens when i sleep in other people's beds as well. anyone know why?...

 need URGENT help?!?! please answer!?
well i started using Paroxetine 3 or 4 years ago, and so this last month i started getting off of the medication, i went from 20mg to 10, then 5, and now ive been off the medication for about 2 days ...

 If I am feeling spacy/heady is there a way to treat that without medication or anything?
I get this sort of unreal feeling occasionaly, feeling spacy and out of it. Any tips?...

 does a lot of caffeine stun growth?
I like the soda coke and i realized it had some caffeine..im 14...i dont drink it like everyday but i do at least like 3 times out of the week..Like a can or so or if i go to a fast food place. Will ...

 what is eating out?
i dont mean like eating at a ...

 Do I have some sort of medical condition like depression?
Okay I get home, and I just can't do anything. Like, i can't even bring myself to play a video game or read a book. I feel like doing anything will not be worthwhile yet i hate just sitting ...

 how to Increase your height safley ? what are the thing or the food or the drinks that make you taller ?
i am :

on feb 25 i'll be 16

my hight is 178 cm

i am 80-85k/g
Additional Details
ha......ha........ha ...... funny (Piyush Bagla ) ... >:...

 what do i do? i just circulated bug poison through the entire house.?
help please. i forgot we were setting up a bug bomb in one of the master bedrooms. so i turned on da AC and now i spread bug poison throughout the entire house. what do i do?...

 WHY wont my ears come UNPLUGGED?
its driving me crazy i have tried freakin everything i usually do when they become plugged but nothing is working!!!
what should i do?
or what is going on?
Additional Details

 Aloe Vera juice? Is it healthier to drink the juice or the gel?
There is gel, and there is juice, what is the best part of the aloe vera plant to eat, or drink since it is sold in different ways?...

 How can you maintain your posture?
I have mild dextroscoliosis so i need help!!!...

 If I have white coat syndrome for BP reading would taking a xanax before give a more accurate reading?

 Constantly getting ingrown hairs.?
I am constantly getting ingrown hairs all over my body, Is this common. I mean they look like zits, then they end up having a black hair in them. Is there anything I can do to change this medicine ...

 is taking two Vicodin bad for your health?
okay i know someone that like took two 500mg Vicodin so is that like bad for them or what can it do to them?
Additional Details
they are 500mg so i know they have to be bad for you....

 how old do you have to be to get a medical marajuana card in los angeles california?
i have erm.... chronic back pain.....

what happens if you hold your urine for too long?
Will your bladder literally burst, causing death or serious injury? does holding in your urine really affect your kidneys etc?

sometimes after people have had surgery , the anesthetic keeps them from being able to urinate. usually the hospital will not release you until you do. the reason for this is that not urinating can cause sepsis. which is all the nasty things you kidneys filters out of your system will enter your blood stream and make you sick. it is not healthy to not urinate or not have bowl movements.

I will pee my pants.Really!!

Big Al!
It may increase the risk of prostate cancer as well. Unless of course your a woman.


You will teach your body not to respond to the physical urge to pee. Then you can eventually cause yourself to have incontinence.
As was said holding in urine can cause bacteria to back up into your kidneys & cause a painful infection which can damage the kidneys.

Darrian K
well i have had a problem eith that u bladder excands and u will pee ur pants

it wont bust it will strech..you can only hold uit for sooooo long belive me..this could kill =you also

<3 SoMe PeRsOn <3
kill u. i have the same name as u. spelled diff.

Well I've never heard of a bladder bursting. Chances are you'd wet your pants first. The bladder has the ability to stretch because it is a muscular organ, much like the stomach and uterus. It can become distended when very full and spasm...it's way of telling us it needs to be emptied. It is possible (because of a blockage, like a stone) that urine can flow backward...or retrograde...up the ureters to the kidneys. This can cause the ureters to become enlarged and potentially destroy them. That's a major problem. The kidneys need their ureters because they have no way to eliminate urine they produce without them. You're talking possibility of a drainage device similar to that of a colostomy, or removal of the affected kidney. In any event, that scenario isn't likely to happen just by holding your urine. What can happen, though, is that bacteria can make it's way to the kidneys and cause an infection. They can be nasty infections and quite painful. They're not anything you want to play around with either. Serious stuff if not treated!

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