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 Can some one offer help?
i am an 18 yr old boy who keeps getting asked why he has black eyes but there bags can anyone tell me what product i can use to get rid of them or some herbal method ...

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Additional Details
what about the foods like chips that are "multigrain" or "toasted" that way they are suppose to be better for ...

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I fainted like a year ago while getting shots, and it was pretty cool.
I'm really scared of needles so it's not really surprising. but when I fainted, first I started seeing dots, and ...

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i have noticed in the past week my stomach is constantly bloated.
it usualy is bloated anyways after i eat too much and its something im used to but all of a sudden its like it even when i ...

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I was told that mucus that is either swallowed or drains into your stomach isn't processed by your body and simply remains in your stomach and slowl builds up over time. Is there any truth to ...

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 DXM / Robotussin recreational drug use?
i was planning on taking dxm to trip, its going to be my first time im 14 and 130 lbs, i have tussin cough by rite aid & the ingredients are dextromethorphan HBr, USP and each gel caplet is 15 ...

 Feeling sick for 10 months, got any ideas?
Ok, Im really fed up with this, and everyone keeps telling me that it will pass, but i dont think it will. I just cant live like this! In the 8th month of my pregnancy (10 months ago) I got nausea ...

 Only had 40 mins sleep.?
i only slept for a round 40 mins last night due to family problems..

Could this be the reason why im feeling sick to my stomach.
Additional Details
bear in mind i am at work ...

 how long does weed and extacy to get out of your system. and what are the risks in taking extacy?

 Strong bones?
I want to have strong bones. I usually don't drink Milk. So, I started to drink Milk everyday. Milk built strong bones? What else built strong bones? I have skinny bone arms. I am the only ...

 I was curious does anyone know any dangerous side effects of the medication they give to children with ADHD?

 I just dislocated my shoulder and would like information on how to get my shoulder the way it was before.?

pixie's live for ever
what's the best thing to take for an upset stomach?

Additional Details
thanks for your answers

Ambers mate
Kaoline and Morphine does it for me

flat cola or ginger is said to be good

flat coke!

Tameka G
Either ginger ale or carbonated water. That always works for me.

IrishPrincess <3 my BC shep
Imodium or motillumn. They are great for upset tummies. Imodium is great for easing the pain in the tummy and motillum is good for stopping diarrhoea that's if you have those symptom. I would also take it easy and drink plenty of water and try and stay off food for the next day or so.

I find andrews salts very good. Pepto Bismol is supposed to be excellent but tastes disgusting!!

Andrews or Pepta Bismol - I agree with the answer above, it does taste nasty, but you can get it in tablet form now!

Hope you feel better soon.

wes w
honest pep-to about a half a bottle not kidding navydad002or007 I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND

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