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is sleeping more than the recommended hours bad?
i find myself sleeping more than eight hours, sometimes areound 12.
is that bad or is it normal? ♥
Additional Details
im not depressed and i dont smoke..

First Lady
It's not normal, but I don't think it's bad unless you're sleeping while you have things to be doing...like work, taking care of your kids, etc. I like to sleep about 12 hours a day, too.

sudha s
sleeping more than 8 hours is bad for health i believe.....

Usually 8 hours is the norm but it really is an individual thing. It depends on how you feel when you wake up. If after 12 hours you feel great and energised then that is obviously correct for you but if you feel groggy you may be sleeping too much. The 8-hour rule is just a guide. When I do an early shift, I might only get 4-5 hours' sleep and then on a day off end up sleeping for 10 hours so it depends on you. I find that I automatically wake up or start stirring after 8 hours so that seems to work for me although if I don't set my alarm it could be a couple of hours more! Whatever works for you.

It is good because if you rest well at night.You will feel energetic in the morning.

You need to follow the needs of your body not some recommendation.

~ <3 ~
The only things I can think of is that:

- It might make you more tired. Sounds weird, but usually the more I sleep, the more I want to sleep.

- If you are trying to lose weight, sleeping more may slow it down. Cause during sleep your metabolism is slowed. Then when you wake up, it's still a lot slower because you've gone longer without eating.

Personally, I don't understand how anyone can sleep 12hrs... that's half a day! O.o I'm sure once i a while isn't bad, but not all the time.

Iron Rider
those so called "recommendations" have been found to be useless, you sleep as much as you want.

sleeping hours differ from person to an other.
Some ones sleep 5 hours per day and satsified ,while some persons sleep 10 hours per day and not satsifiied.
U should search for the cause?
If u feel that u sleep too much,search for the cause?r u depressed? dont u have a goal in ur lfe? it could also be pathological
so search for the cause

Recent studies have shown if you sleep too much you maybe increasing your risk of heart problems. The average person "should" be sleeping between 6-8 hours. Many factors may have to do with why you are sleeping so much including your age and previous days activity. It is important to listen to your body no one is average or typical. Everyone's needs are different. OF course if you deviate dramatically from the norm you may want to discuss it with your doctor. I did so when I was sleeping 15 hours and before I could be diagnosed, I was up to 22 hours a day. Definitely above 15 go to your doctor as you may have a sleep disorder.

The body needs time to restore itself.
The unconscious mind needs time to work things through while sleeping.
Are you physically exhausted from sports, dancing, night life, love life ?
Are your sleeping so much because you are depressed ?
Are you sleeping longer because it is a way to kill time and or to escape reality ?
Answer these questions to yourself and you will know why you sleep more than 8 hours.

I just read something the other day that sleeping more than eight hours a day increases the risk of Parkinson's Disease. But it's only one study so I wouldn't put too much stock in it. Seven to eight hours is normal for most people. Hypersomnia (sleeping for excessive periods) can be a symptom of an illness. Google "hypersomnia".

It's not that bad. If u go around 15, start to worry :)

I think a lot depends on ones age. Kids and even teenagers up to around 18 need more sleep than adults and this is perfectly normal as their bodies are still developing and this uses up a certain amount of energy. Adults probably shouldn't spend 12 hours in bed though and if they do, it might be an indication of an underlying medical condition, like CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Unless of course there's some "activity" going on in bed, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Atul B


If you are young, you may be growing.
Are you depressed?
Do you smoke?

Could be anything, could be that your body needs to.

its fine, hun. My self..if i stay up for 24 hours i sleep for 12, i sleep half as long as ive stayed up. so please its fine and you have no worries ok>:D< maybe you're body is tired, try drinking milk in the morning and a lil bit of caffine during the day:)

I don't believe in recommendations unless it involves medication.

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