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 In the summer I had heat stroke, now one of my feet still feels as if it is burning inside. I am so scared.?
Is it sth very important? When will I totally be healthy?...

 Please help me!! i need help!!?
okay, i only eat 2 peanut butter samwiches a day, and i take diet pills. i've taken 16 since monday, but the bottle says not to take more than 4 pills a day, and i've taken 6 today.. what ...

 what are the effects of caffine to human body?

 Doctors can you please help with my nervous stomach?
Ever since I was a little girl I have been prone to nervousness and anxiety. I felt nauseous and lightheaded before recitals and big events in my life. Now I am 30 years old and still experiencing ...

 Why is it that after I take a multi-vitamin, I can't help but get all hot and bothered?
It's very irritating. My stomach hurts, I can't decide if I'm tired, and I swear my body temperature must drop a few degrees, because it suddenly seems so HOT all around me....

 How long do you have to be sober to pass a drug test?
I used to smoke marijuana every day, up until about a week ago. I have a drug test next week. So that would be two weeks sober. I've been drinking alot of water. Do you think that that is ...

 Doing a Health project on marijuana and need the following facts?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system

what affects does is have on your brain and lungs

what tests are done to test for the ...

 How old do you have to be in the Uk to buy over-the-counter medicines?
Basically what the question says. Is there a specific age (eg: 16, 18....) or can anyone at any age get medicines from over-the-counter pharmacies (such as Boots). Thanks in advance....

 Why do some people not sweat no matter how hot the room is or what they're doing?
I usually feel like I'm "about to" sweat when active or in a hot room, but I don't sweat. I'm usually the only one not overheated while others are sweating too. My husband ...

 why do you think when your over tired its hard to sleep?

 what are the characteristics of a good health care provider.?
what are the characteristics of a good health care provider.?
how does the lack of these affect the delivery of health care?...

 Have you put the new vaccine Gardasil?
I put my first shot on Monday. And on Tuesday I started with a sore throat which has gotten worse. Has anyone experience this? I know some of the side effects are fever, nausea (experienced this ...

 does anybody know a good way to get rid of acne?
Ya so i tried everything but the acne on my forehead never goes away. Does anybody know something to use that maybe i haven't tried!...

 Do people in comas go to the bathroom?
I know they are not consious, but there body is still "active"...i ...

 Blood Test phobic. Is it ok if i scream & cry ?
I'm 16. Mum is taking me for a Blood Test.
I'm scared of needles & always scream & cry.

Will the nurse be angry if i Scream & Cry ? What if i pull my arm away ?...

 how can i count how many eyelashes i have?
i always wanted to know this.

i know it sounds stupid but its interesting in a geeky kinda way.....
Additional Details
i care about this because i don't and thats the ...

 The coffee is not working--what else could wake me up?

 Can you catch STDs from toilet seats?

 How Can You Break The Habit Of Chewing Your Nails?
I need big help.I can get super sick.I can't seam to break the habit.What do I do?...

 Why is it that i have the feeling of 'nervousness' or 'anxiety' after drinking coffee?

is it possible to stop overeating cold turkey?
yes, I want to know how to stop eating so much cold turkey. Just kidding. No seriously though, I suffer from compulsive overeating (and I sometimes purge, but I know that's bad for you so I don't do it a lot) and I'm getting REEEAAALLLYYY sick of it. I'm currently seeing a therapist, but I want to know if anybody has any tips to stop binge eating (only answers from people who have eating disorders like this, or really know the answers, please)

Cut the food u eat in half, and slowly lower the intake amount so ur body can adjust slowly. Doing it cold turkey can hurt ur body, especially your stomach. so please take care and slowly start limiting the food u eat, so u don't feel like ur giving it up at once, and slowly start a health diet for urself.
take care

I am currently sufferng from the same thing. I eat to the point of being miserable and it is affectign my health, my body and my energy. But, I dont know how to stop either. I think that what we will have to do is 1) make a conscious decision to stop 2) FORCE ourselves to stop eating at the point of satisfaction and 3) overcome the urge to binge. It really is that easy, but addicted behavior is hard to break!

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