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 soz but is it true u sneeze at 100 miles an hour?
just somein i ...

 what are hospital pharmacy forms and the use of it..thanx?

 kids recovery after multiple dental extraction?
my 7 year old son is having 5 teeth extracted under a general anastetic tomorrow due to flurosis. its 2 at the bottom on each side and one on the top.
he doesn't seem to be worried, ...

 how to loose my weight?

 What hotels can you apply at and not be drug tested?
My younger brother wants to work for the hospitality industry but is not clean. He has been smoking for a long time and doesn't feel he can stop. However, he is willing to slow down and has done ...

 How good/bad is ecstacy?
I am thinking of trying it soon and im told its amazing but what are the realistic dangers from taking it? I only care about the opinions of people who have an experience of taking the drug. Thanks....

 do i have bronchitis?
1. lost my voice
2. yellow phlegm(not sure if it's spelled right)
3.dry coughs
4. sore throat(hard to swallow anything)

do i have to see the doctor for this, or will it ...

 Using a Foot Massager with a Pacemaker ….?
I bought my Nana today a “Booty Foot Warmer-Massager”, ..... was about to mail it off, and I saw a warning "not to be used with people who has a pacemaker'.

Now I don't ...

 im 17 i took aspirin what gonna happen?
the day before yesterday i took aspirin now i see the side affects i took the 81 mg a safety coated aspirin by St.Joseph im scared i took it once a day for my migraines it was my first time taking ...

 if smoking is so bad, why dont they just stop making cigarettes?

 Is drinking distilled water or using Rev. Osmosis filt. dangerous?
...since it is free of minerals. Some scientist says that people that drink distilled water in the long-term are likely to die early and/or catch a disease.

check the source: file:///C:/D...

 have you ever had a blood transfusion, how long does it take...?
how soon did you go home after the transfusion was it an in and out thing?

how low did your hemoglobin and hematocrit get before the doctor ordered the transfusion?...

 is my dad in critical condition?
he has angiodysplasia dangerous?...

 Is It Alright?
A friend left outwaffles and they thawed and got relly soft. She said to put them back into the freezer and they wil be alright. I put them back in the freezr and there probably frozen by now. Would ...

 How do I adjust my girlfriends spine?
I am kind of a do it yourself guy. My girlfriend has chronic back pain and I would like to readjust her spine. Does anyone know of a procedure or web site that will instruct me. Thanks....

 do people who are mentally and physically disabled make you uncomfortable or nervous?
I work with the developmentally disabled and I was just wondering what society thinks of these people. Do you embrace them like you would any "normal" person, or do you just try to stay ...

 my feet are big how do i make them smaller?

 i was just perscribed xanax 4 times aday lexapro once aday and ativan once a day. it seems like a lot?
what are some of the abouts of the meds you take and is it too much? how much xanax do you talk or how much ativan you take and it it only at night? verry worried thank you for any ...

 Burning Sensation Inside My Head (Brain?
Burning Sensation In My Head?
Since 2003, I have been getting this burning sensation inside my head. Its exactly in the middle of my brain. I have undergone several imaging studies of which ...

 i forgot to take my pill last night?
but i took it this morning about 10 hours late... should i be worried?
Additional Details
and yes i take it every night at 10:00 sharp... i never ...

is TPR rubber latex free? will someone with latex allergies be allergic to TPR?
i really need to know this as more and more products out there contain TPR rubber that stands for thermo plastic rubber ! and i am allergic to latex rubber! please help me to find out! thanks!

I don't know about TPR..can't find out online...maybe try to contact the manufacturer online email or by phone to ask...what you want otherwise are vinyl gloves

and if you ever have to have surgery with a catheter, tell them not to use latex catheter, use a silicon catheter..

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