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The infamous bongblaster
im coughing up green,brown and bloody phlegm, what should i do?
i started to cough alot about last week, im still coughing alot but now im coughing up nasty phlegm (green and brown) and recently i noticed small amounts of blood. Its not alot, its like small droplets that are noticeable. My right and left sides of my chest also hurt from time to time. Should i be concerned.
Additional Details
i just spit up green/dark brown **** with a lil blood in it. def going to doctor tommorow, thanks.

Nah. If it's been a week and you're not dead.. Your chances of dying are probably slim to none.

Dress warmer. Stop smoking. Don't install any insulation anytime soon.

Oh and absolutely no running.

yeah, you probably should be concerned. i'd go to a doctor (soon), if it were me, especially if your phlegm has any odor to it or if you have a fever.

I would go to a Dr...
1. the fact you are coughing up brown and green phlegm is an indication of a chest/lung infection.
Aching chest also indicates an infection.

I also coughed up blood several times (which freaked me out!!) but it was just my inflammed lungs from the infection. You could have mycoplasma (which I just had...mild pnuemonia), whooping cough (or pertussis) as well a variety of bacterial (or viral) infections.
You may need a blood test (to confirm some of these things) or you will be given antibiotics straight away.

it sounds like you have an infection somewhere. go to the doctor for some antibiotics.

Yes, be concerned you got an upper respiratory infection. You need to treat it ASAP. Take antibiotics

Angel Heart
I suggest that you go see a doctor. This can be VERY serious! But, you may just be coughing too hard, which may be why you're coughing up blood, but I still think that you should see a doctor A.S.A.P.

Get thee to a hospital ASAP!!! This sounds very serious!

go to the doctor!!!! NOW!

Tina of Lymphland.com
yes you should be concerned, you could eventually rip something in your throat or lung coughing and the phlegm colors and blood is an indication of infection, maybe bronchitus or pneumonia, you don't want your lungs to collapse, get to a dr, you also don't want to hemorrage if there is a tear already.

Sounds like you have bronchitis or pneumonia.You really should see a doctor as the flem may be an infection.It needs to be treated with antibiotics.

see a doctor

USMarine Dad
Try going to the doctor first.

You're asking if you should be concerned. If you feel this is normal, don't be concerned. I guess the rest of us who aren't experiencing your problems are the sick ones. Unbelievable!

Thanks for sharing ... now go to a doctor. Lots of pneumonia going around.

Get to a doctor, ASAP.

The blood *could* be from coughing too hard, but it's always a huge warning sign to cough blood. So definitely get a professional opinion.

Yes you should be concerned. Brown phlegm is not normal. Green is the most prominent sign of infection. AND, the only way to solve that is a round of antibiotics. Blood!! Get to the doctor.

you should be seen by a dr within the next 24 hours. sounds like you've got an upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

the brown and green colored phlegm indicate infection in your lungs and you'll need antibiotics to treat it.

the blood is more than likely caused from blood vessels along your esophagus bursting due to you coughing so much-not cause for great concern and should stop once the infection clears up.

report to the er if you begin to have difficulty breathing (wheezing, severe chest heaviness). in severe cases of pneumonia, having trouble breathing is common and needs to be assessed asap.

good luck to you

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