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i get annoyed easily..?
my mom speaks below her voice a little, its sick! she like grubbles a little, as she burps and puts her head down toward her neck making a 2nd chin ewe! then she picks her lip, eye, with her long sick finger nails, i feel like i want to commit suicide when she does this! then when friends come over, before we ate someone asks her a question and she takes a bite of her food and then answers, talking with her mouth full of food and sick voice, worse!, and really wrinkly lips, she make a noise i cant describe in her throat, constantly, like the noiser when your lefting something, ewe i feel sick talking about this, what is this disorder called? how can i fix it, i wont tell her! she already knows a little, o, when she chews gum, she nchew so sick, this is when she makes a lot of throat noises and eats sick, i want to die i get so annoyed help!

Move out and get your own place. When she calls ignore her and totally forget that she gave birth to you.

John M
Is, "i get annoyed easily..?" a question?

Just deal with it.

This can't be something that just happened over night. It had to be going on for a while. This would annoy me too, but it sounds like it may be a medical condition caused by nerves. I think you should have a heart to heart with her and maybe go see a doctor with her.

wow, you sound like a caring daughter & i know how you feel & i still go through this crap with my brother.

i'm sorry for what you're going through.
maybe she has alotta mucus thingy in her throat, ew. idk.

Is it only your mother who annoys you?

You just have to look past those things, i'm sure she would be so hurt if she knew what you were saying about her. If something was to happen to her you would feel horrible and unable to forgive yourself. Try not to let little things bother you so much, and this could also be a result of something way bigger than the way she talks and eats. Maybe you need to see a councilor or psychiatrist.

♥ Soxxy ♥
You should really stop focusing on her negative qualities and think of something else. If you look at her in love, it will cover her flaws.

(btw, we often look at others' flaws so that we don't have to deal with our own issues. It preoccupies us and drowns out the things we should be working on within ourselves.)

you need to go to anger management classes and respect your mother. maybe she did something to you in the past to make you hate her and thats why your picking at everything she does. maybe you need to go to therapy, no one should talk about their mother like this

dark angel
I think that it is beyond any ones help.Just try and stay as far away as you can.

me 2

Shes just your mom, right now she's bound to annoy you, every teenager knows what you're talking about. And anyone who is older than you could basically understand.

When she bugs you, BE NICE. You don't want to offend her because it's not like she's trying, but just say " Hey mom, that's a little rude, could you stop?" Or just make a subtle comment about how you dont like it, she'll get the hint, but make sure you're not mean about it because people are sensitive, I mean it's not the end of the world, but just say something about whatever makes you so angry, it'll go away eventually.

Sound's like something similiar to me, I hate it when my dad strokes his beard. It drives me nuts and I'll literally start yelling at him...he knows not to do it but it's a habit that he can't help.
Ummm, i'm just letting you know you're not the only one out there.
Try a therapyst.

i think that your the only one that thinks this but im not in your situation so i dont know why your asking other people this.

n p
It may be annoying but , you have to deal with allot of annoances in the world. And I know all parents are annoying , not just yours. Don't treat her with disrespect. People are who they are. Accept you mother for who she is learn her good attributes and leave the bad one's
That's what life is all about...
One other thing.. The things that annoy you the most will be the things you miss the most when that person is no longer in this life..

♥♫S†ranger in †he South Eas†♫♥
is it Alzheimer's ?

It's ur mom just make up an excuse to get away when she starts doing that
oh and try earplugs

Foreverr lover!
My dad does that ALL the time its my pet peeve..... I want to kill him (not literally) i just say Dad please clear ur throat its annoying and then he like grumbles... Doesn't it sound like there is a Big giant bubble in there throat... Just ask ur mom nicely to clear her throat and chew before answering things.. thats what i do

I'd proably get annoyed with the things your mom did too...But it's proably out of habbit...Try to get her to stop doing those things, in a nice way

You wouldnt happen to be a teenager would you

It's a common disease called Bad Manners. She should go get that checked out.

Stu Pididiot
I bet it really annoyed your mom when you would cry all night for no reason, crap in your pants, throw up on her, have a temper tantrum......and that is just the first 3 months of your life. I understand your frustration, but she is your mother.


I believe the disease you are referring to is ungratefulbratchilditis ...

jacquelyn s
your probably a teenager..is it just your mom annoying you? its pretty common for a mother to annoy her daughter as a teenager. just dont be so critical..she's the only mom you have..and im sure she loves you even with your complaining about her all the time.

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