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 do i get too attached?
today my mum said she was throwing the vacuum away and i felt like crying. and about 3 months ago i went to a holiday camp and when we were waving goodbye i felt like sobbing. and when i went to T...

 Euthanasia...... Does it HAVE to be painless?
There are so many quick and easy ways to finish off the elderly and non-productive without using up expensive 'painless' drugs.

Dropping them off the roof of the hospital, for ...

 curious question?
What are some simple ways to improve posture? Are there exercises or do you have to train your body to hold itself a new way?...

 what is a pervert what do they do?

 How much energy does it take to say something?
I was wondering how much energy is needed to say one word. Like the word "something"....

 why do people dribble/drool when they sleep?
why do people drool when they sleep what causes them to do so and how do you stop drooling?...

 How can online Tenn. Hearing Planet sell hearing aids sans license in CA w/unlicensed salesmen "audiologists?"?
They say they "have our endorsed clinics" in all states, "credentialed and checked out" but sent us to a girl barely out of high school with no education or audiology license/...

 I'm tired a lot.?
I'm tired a lot and people can see that. My eyes are always dark. I can't sleep very well at night. I try going to bed earlier sometimes but that doesn't work either. Sometimes I'...

 How did you feel after getting glasses?
I am getting my new glasses on friday and was wondering what will it be like?
I mean like my doctor said I'll feel taller and stuff and get lots of headaches?


 i eat ice and i heard that its because of iron deficient. what is that?
i take a glass full of ice and eat it. and then after im done i fill another glass up with ice. i feel like i cant stop....

 When you drink something, how much does it take to go all the way down until you piss it out?
same question with some food...

and how much of the water/food the body keeps, and how much do you put out on the toilet ?
im just interrested...

 Has anyone used Jurlique cosmetics products? How did you like them?Do you consider them to be all natural?

 Why are goosebumps called goosebumps?

 Why do some overweight people have stretch marks while other overweight people don't have them?
I know its not the amount of weight one carries that determines if they have stretch marks because I've seen really heavy people that have no stretch marks whatsoever. Then I've also seen ...

 In neurology, what is a train of 4?

 how do u make ur stomach not growl in the middle of class?

 I lost my eye due to a rare form of cancer and I was just wondering?
Hi all when I was 5 yr old I lost my eye due to RETINOBLASTOMA cancer. I had surgery not long ago to have the implant resettled and I was just wondering since yesterday I have been taking on dizzy ...

 Where can I find a decent, well-written article on parabens as preservatives?
Preferably with sources or references to confirm FACTS. I've googled it and all I've found is a bunch of skeptical hogwash. That's right. I said hogwash....

 Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
My voice sounds gay and everyone thinks I'm gay when I'...

 So, has anyone ever had one of those irritating little bumps.......?
inside your nose and you want to scratch it, but it would look like you were picking your nose, so you just have to deal with it, but it drives you crazy, so what, if anything do you do?...

how long after diarrhea can you eat normally again?
i want to eat pasta, with tomato sauce but im scared.
i had diarrhea the last time at 11am this morning.
Additional Details
oh, and here its now 5.20pm

after 2 or 3 days you can go back to most of the foods you are used to eating. for a few days, stay away from:

milk, butter, cream, and cheese
fresh fruit (except bananas)
fresh vegetables (cooked carrots, potatoes and squash are fine)
fatty foods, like cheeseburgers or bacon
spicy foods

:) goodluck.....

Sometimes the diarrhea is gone after just a few hours, but sometimes it lasts as long as 2 weeks.Make sure you drink often so you do not become dehydrated.Do not eat solid foods because they can cause cramps.

after 2-3 days you can return to your regular diet but for the meantime just have a soft diet...

and also.... YES you can eat pasta with tomato sauce.. just avoid greasy, fried, spicy, or very sweet foods.

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