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how do you pass a saliva drug test?

LOL! Refrain yourself! Maybe you'll pass...

I Don't Know
You'd think you'd know the answer, since your screenname IS "DADDY"--- but you'd pass a saliva drug test by NOT doing drugs! GENIUS!!!

Do you enjoy Salvia? I definitely did not. You just have to let it pass over time. If the drug test is soon, uh oh.. My suggestion is drink a lot, a lot, a lot of water?

By not taking drugs..

Susan Bumer
The best way to pass is simply by abstinence from THC 72 hours.
(prime detection range for THC is normally up to 24 hours, but detection up to 48 hours has been noted, so 72 hours should be considered quite safe).

don't do drugs

Stop doing drugs for a solid week.

don't take the things in the first place. omg!

Don't do drugs!

don't use drugs that day

Testing Avoidance

If one is being tested and has used in the past 3 days you will need to overcome the saliva collection. To do this you will have to avoid submitting saliva and perform the steps requested of you by the instructor.

1. Instruct the donor to remove the handle and remove the collection device from the packaging sleeve.
2. Instruct the donor to place the collection pad between the lower cheek and gums and gently rub the pad back and forth along the gum line until the pad is moist. (you will fake this movement and rub pad on teeth)

Once moist, leave collection pad between cheek and gums for a full two (2) minutes(again hold between teeth)

1. After 2 minutes, have the donor open the specimen vial in an upright position, with the tip pointed downward, by gently rocking the cap back and forth to avoid spilling the contents. Instruct the donor to push the collection pad into the specimen vial as far as it will go.

The instructor who a employee can not touch the paddle in any way until you place it in the vial screw it closed and seal it in a tamper proof bag.

1. Stay clean from marijuana at least 72 hrs before the test.

Don't do drugs dummy.

Don't use drugs. It's always helped me pass.

stop doing drugs

dont do drugs

Not doing drugs usually works.

Pamela R
These tests are able to detect use within the past few days.
Detection is available immediately upon use and usually
Detection Period for:
Cannabis -1 hour after ingestion, Up to 14 hours
Cocaine -From time of ingestion and for 48 to 72 hours
Amphetamines -3 days
Codeine/Morphine -12-36 hours
Heroin -From time of ingestion and for 48 to 72 hours
Methamphetamine- From time of ingestion and for 48 to 72 hours
PCP -3 days
The best way to pass is simply by abstinence from it and gargling often and well with Listerine.
Personal I have to take alot tests for probation and I use one company, because there systems work for me and they cover comfirmation and adulteration tests.

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