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 Panic!......panic !.......?
I feel that my heart is about to jump, shortness of breath....emergency.
Additional Details
Thank you sherlock....

 im sick, should i be worried?
for a few weeks now, ive had an awful cough. but in the past few days...it seems worse...let me warn you...its gross.
but now..when i cough...i sound like bubbles or something in my chest. like ...

 How long does it take to quit smoking?
I know each person is different, but about how long does it take for the cravings to go away. I can restraint from a cigarette for 8 hours each day at work, and have gone as long as 12 hours when I ...

 Are there any doctors out there that have a team that work their butts off figuring out what is wrong with?
people that have strange and unusual symptoms?...

 What does it feel like to die? The actual process in your body...?
What does it feel like to die? The actual process in your body...the moments when your body accepts your going to die? What occurs in the human body physiologically and psychologically?...

 Why do doctors sometimes think, they can play with your patience ?
I didn't have an appointment. There was one person in the waiting room. This person went in and out in not time. I clarified I had to speak to the doctor for 5 minutes. I was told to wait. I ...

 How come I always feel thirsty?
I don't know if its normal or not, but I always feel thirsty, I easily drink upwards of 4, maybe 5+ litres a day. I never drink plain water because I dislike the fact it has no taste, but I do ...

 Will you go out today for a stroll?

 How long is a prescription of Tamiflu good for?
Once the pharmacist adds the water to the liquid, how long is it good for? The pharmacist told me I didn't have to refrigerate it, but I did anyway, just in case....

 I sneeze when i look at the sun!! why?
i don't automatically sneeze everytime when i look at a bright light or the sun, it only occurs when i need to sneeze and the light triggers it off. Bright light is the catalyst for me sneezing. ...

 How long does it take for 5mg of valium to take an effect and for how long?

 What precaution's should be taken to prevent the spread of the swine flu virus?
There has been a (so far small) outbreak of the swine flu virus in the Brisbane, Gold Coast region of Australia. As a concerned citizen of this beautiful area, I would like to know how to avoid ...

 Marijuana fact? confused...
I continue to hear things like one joint is equivalent to a certain amount of cigarettes....
Well, what are they comparing this too? The same amount of tar?
Then how come long term pot ...

 ZOMG! Help stop the diarrhea!!?
For the love, it won't stop! I took Magnesium Citrate on the advice of a Yahoo Answers question and OMG it WORKS!! I wanted to cleanse my digestive track.... it is clean now, has been clean ...

 Have you ever worn tinted contacts to keep your true eye color a secret?
For purposes of this question, assume there are people out there who would pay big money to learn that secret....

 My Doctor Says I Have to Get My Tonsils Out?
But I don't wanna!

I am too old...30 ...for almost 15 years in a row now.

How bad could my tonsils really get?...

 Have you worked out this month?

 I have a meth lab question?
so like i saw on a tv show that cooking meth in your house can harm your babby and cause problems when u are pregnate. Is this really true? If I am pregnate what will happen to my babby if my ...

 how are those colon cleansing treatments?

 My father has stomach pains from his medications...?
My father has cancer and, because of his pain, he takes A LOT of medications. He's on everything from Percoset to Morphine and the medications are causing stomach pains. Now, doctors told him to ...

do all tea have antioxidants?
ja ?

i'm pretty sure apart from freeze dried ie vending machine tea

Green tea has more, but black tea also has antioxidants. I'm glad, because I like it better than green! :)

just the green tea

almost all of them do.
like the ones with the colors lol.
such as white, grey, green alll those.
and other ones too, i jusy know the colors are known for the antioxidents

Yes, all tea contains antioxidants, but each contains a certain level. Two of the highest level of teas is; green tea and black tea, then there is white tea and oolong tea.

Many chemicals perform as antioxidants such as; vit. C & E, beta- carotine & selenium. You can get these from all kinds of nuts, fruits, vegetables & meat.

The specific kind of antioxidants in tea is called PHENOLS and they can also be found in a variety of berries & grapes.

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