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 help i'm freaking out over this ....?
i have noticed that when i try to write, the pen touches the paper, and i know what i want to write, but i just can't seem to actually write the words. its like my brain is telling my hand to ...

 At what point do you stop feeling sorry for the extremely bad chronic cough of a smoker who wont stop smoking?

 I have a red mark on my right arm and it seems to be getting bigger....?
Today when i woke up, the red mark on my arm was much bigger, i have a feeling its an insect bite but it doesnt hurt at all, should i be worried?...

 Is having a suntan bad for you?

 How bad is cancer of the pituitary gland?
How affective are the treatments?
What are the survival rates?
What could it mean?

I'm getting x-rays soon. The docs didn't say I had it, but *Guys might want to stop ...

 Why are prescription drugs SO EXPENSIVE?
And why do doctors push prescription drugs?...

 Has anyone ever had experiences with sleep paralysis?
I had this a lot in my early 20s when I was in college, and I'm guessing from stress. At the time, I didn't realize what it was and thought maybe I was going crazy. I would wake up (so I ...

 Any alternatives to heartburn relief you know of?
I do have a prescription for heartburn, but it can only be taken once a day. I been pretty sick with chest cold or influenza the last few day, so I just ate whatever did not require much preparation.<...

 I was thinking of donating bone marrow.?
I think that's what they were asking for.

1.Does it grow back?
2.Does it hurt?
3.Will there be cookies?...

 I want to get my entire skeletal system replaced with adamantium, will my HMO cover that?

 Fellow widows & widowers...where are you these holidays?
(A) Brian Wilson "In My Room"
(B) Smokey "Tracks Of My Tears"
(C) Breatles "Oh Blah De Oh Blah Da"
(D) Use your own

I spent the first year ...

 Best latest hearing aids Emily at Dr. Carol Jackson's, Ear and Balance, has, do they work?
My dad and I both need hearing aids from loud music and hearing loss runs in our family. Don't know where to start. We're in Newport Beach, heard of digital Phonak mini's
to try ...

 Do You Think A Canal Hearing Aid Would Be Appropriate For A 3.5yo?
He is currently wearing a behind the ear aid, but it seems to annoy his ear, not to mention him.

Do you think a canal aid, would be appropriate for him, or that he will just lose his aid??<...

 Have you ever wondered if all of your contacts are the same person?
BQ ~ Paranoid or Insane?
Additional Details
Seee! I did NOT post this is Health and Beauty! I've gone nuts!...

 Help ? Quitting smoking........?
Ive been smoking for about 2 years , and i finally deceided to quit.
Im on day 3 of quittin cold turkey !
& ive been having really bad nicotine attacks .
i get mad very easily, ...

 Why do I get heartburn every time I eat a banana?
Bananas are supposed to be natural anti-acids, but they have the opposite effect on me. This is the only food that gives me instant heartburn after eating it....

 My 12 year old son has a lump in his right breast!?
My son complained that he had pain in his right nipple and when I felt it he's got a small lump under it!

Obviously I'm going to take him to the Doctor tomorrow.

But ...

 Do I need the Doctor this time?
Since I seem to get almost better....then sick again only worse....Do I need the Dr?....you know how they get..."let it run its course"...however, I feel that is has done more than run...I ...

 what would happen if your hand, or any limb, fell asleep and you left it that way for a really long time?

 I am addicted to rubbing icy hot on random parts of my body. Will it make a difference that I am pregnant?

Spicey Meatball
can I go out drinking the night before I donate blood?
I'm not interested in your judgmental crap just give me an answer
Additional Details
LuLu I'm asking for nubs.. you know I have no blood to spare :)

Baby Girl has a broken heart
I don't think it'd be a problem. But you'd have to ask them. I'm not 100% sure about that. I don't think it would be a problem the next day. It should be out of your system by then.

wow where can you donate the bone marrow

no man.
don't do it.

♫ Cowboy Neal At The Wheel™
Cmon Snizz, if you're that broke, just ASK. I'd have helped you out. Besides, whatcha gonna get, maybe $35? You should donate BONE MARROW!! You can get like $450 for 100 cubic centimeters of the stuff!!

Casey Jane ☼
You can. Just drink lots of water with your alcohol. Pweeeze!!

Kev ~ Now with added moobs
But as your boss, I must say I don't want a drunk duck mechanic.
And tomorrow is your first day too...

That's a big no-no.

No, i give blood regularly. Alcohol thins your blood and takes a while to get out of your system.

duck tape ?

no its 4 times 4

yep thats the answer


people like me get transfusion you know!!

good idea, take me with you, and your paying :)
am not giving blood tho unless i get paid for it.

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