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 Does loud snoring indicate deeper sleep or does softer or no snoring?
Or does it not have anything to do with ones depth of sleep?...

 how long does it take to fully recover from a septorhinoplasty?

 Child cravings...good or bad?
heard that usually what we crave 4 is usally our body telling us what we need, just look at picky children, I mean healthy picky children, usually wanting sweet means a lack of vitamin, they r never ...

 I've had a tickle in my throat for the past week and it keeps making me cough ....?
I don't have a cold or a blocked nose at all. I just keep getting this tickle in my throat which comes and goes and its driving me nuts!! What can I do to make it go away or make it happen less?<...

 My brother "bleeds" purple from his feet after drinking?
My brother has this wierd problem and I've seen it myself. When he drinks Captain Morgan Tattoo, then comes home after a long night, he takes off his socks and is literally oozing what looks ...

 why do we have different colored eyes?

 is Sauna Bath's good for you?
or is it just for comfort?...

 I have a oder that I cant seem to get away?
I ask my boyfriend all the time when were together if I smell and he tells me that I dont. Is it bad when u can smell ur own self...while your sitting down? I have this white discharge....and even if ...

 Can ADHD be treated or helped by drinking coffe or anything with caffiene?
also does anyone know of any home remedies or certain foods or a diet that will help my child with ADHD...

 which is more painful.. emotional pain or physical pain?

 Why do i get frequent bloody noses?
I tend to get nosebleeds really frequently during the winter and spring months. Theres plenty of weeks where for atleast 3 days I have many, really bad nosebleeds. They usually stop after spring ...

 How More Advanced Do You Think Medicine Will Be In 2020?
So what do you think the medicine "world" will be like in 2020? The hospitals? Feel free to add anything!

Thanks for answering!!=]...

 I have a 2-3 inch blonde or clear hair that grows from my forearm, what is it?
I've read other answers on here but most say they are from old age or stuff, but I'm only 20 yrs old. Another weird thing is that they grow almost literally over night... not that I ...

 Who knows where I can find free adult diaper samples?
I'm a 22 year old male and incontinent. I need to find a website that provides free samples besides hdis. I've tried their site and it is a little challenging to nav through. Please help....

 What will make me feel good again?
I have had trouble with being overweight and depression for a while now. I am just so sick of getting out of bed hurting and feeling my own weight. Weight loss is so slow, and I just feel like I...

 hey is 12:00pm to 9:30am enough hrs sleep for a 18yr old?
hiya was wondering is going to bed at 12:00pm and getting up at 9:20am okay for a 18 yr old and enough sleep and is the time ok?
Additional Details
sorry ment to say getting up at 9:30 ...

 I need help with my stomach problem.?
I don't know why my stomach is always growling, I've seen many doctors and I've taken different kinds of medicines, but nothing really works....My problem started when i was in Middle S...

 Could this be shingles/chickenpox?
I'm going to the doctor in the morning just looking for some insight. I have a rash on my fingers and arm that looks like little bubbles and now im getting very bad pain on my skin on my back. M...

 I know why my ears are hot, but how do I stop that?

 How long does weed/alcohol stay in your system?

If your 15 and 105 pounds.
Additional Details
Dont worry guys, my parents taught me better than that =]. I was just curious....

Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
My voice sounds gay and everyone thinks I'm gay when I'm not. This means it's difficult to find a girlfriend because they think I'm gay. So I need help is there a way to change it and why does it sound like that?
Yes people have said at work that I sound gay. People are asking my supervisor if I'm gay and she asked me if I was. It bugs me so much because I'm not which make it very difficult because there is a girl I really like but she probally thinks I'm gay.

Even I think you're gay. You said it 8 times.


You've got a high voice. Short of sugery or illness there's not much you can do.

First of all complaint about that supervisor hoping you were gonna answer yes.

Maybe you just talk too nasal?

Get a vocal coach or see a speech pathologist.

Take ginger put some honey in it and gargle five time a day..you will start sounding like a stud....

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