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Why does a human body weigh more dead then when its alive.?

A person's spirit makes a human body lighter

Your body takes on fluids when you die which can increase the weight

after several hour, dead human body become stiff. (not really gain weight, just soo stiff, so maybe you think that gain weight)

i would guess the Lividity sets in and adds on some weight...

because your body litterally eats away at itself because when you die lactic acid builds up and and eats away at your insides and turns everything into nitrogen gas making you lighter

Usually that isn't true because 70% of our body is made out of water which makes most of our weight.
When we die, that percentage lowers therefor losing weight.

hmm...perhaps because when you die, your lungs are completely emptied. even if you were to breathe out as much as you can, you would still not be able to empty out you lungs COMPLETELY. there would still be some air in your lungs. thats one reason. i can't think of any other others though. must be something to do with the circulatory system or somethin.

Would be the same weight. Unless its a really old body that has deteriorated a bit, then it would be lighter

because our muscles stop holding parts of you up and together the term dead weight is kinda true it means that the object has no way of moving itself around or anyway of helping you carry it. therefore the object is slightly heavier... it's not like your 5 pounds heavier dead then you were alive.

It feels like more because the person is (obviously) not helping when they have moved on. When you pick someone up, they unconsciously tighten their muscles and hold some of their own weight. When they are no longer alive they cannot hold any of their own weight.

you poop and pee yourself when u die

Glen M
Depends how long you Dead.
How much due you weigh now?
Now dont lie!

Megha L
i think it is the live body that weighs more
but sorry im not sure

They don't, they weigh the same. The weight may change once decomposition begins and the gases and fluids build up, but it would likely be only a few ounces.

Robert K.
You weigh more when you're alive because you eat. When you're dead, you just start to decompose and rot away, and soon becoming dust. Dust<Human Body.

No, they weigh the same. Maybe a little less since there is no air in the lungs.

because when it is alive there are active cells and they make the weight fluctuate and when the cells are all dead the organ fails and the 'particles' of these cells arent moving therefore they create a smaller surface area making the body seem heavier because the surface area exposed is smaller than when its alive.

It weigh more alive because when you die they do drain you of any flouids so i must weigh laess because there is no flouid weight

no. it rather quickly dehydrates so it loses weight.

Master of Mathematical Analysis
Its dead weight. Similarly, if a friend passes out and you have to carry him to say a couch or something, he/she is heavier mainly because he is unconscious and isn't able to help. I'm having explaining it in words, sorry. Its like since they are unconscious their force is directed completely down with gravity opposed to when they are conscious and able to keep themselves up better.
Its not that they technically weigh more its just their resistance (or lack of becoming it easier like if they were alive).

D. Boss
In most cases this is true. In the case of Michael Jackson it is not. His body weighed the same dead as alive. Why you say? Because his body was 50% plastic, and plastic will weigh the same no matter what.

Well, duh.. actually I .. I don't know.. wait .. OH YEAH because This is a mis conception. "dead weight" is the same weight as live. A body does not gain weight when it dies. Impossible. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

That said It is harder to lift or move a body that is dead than one that is live. A dead body has no muscular stimulation. A live even unconcious body does. This causes a live body to invoulntarily try to maintain physical relationships constant. ( lung expanssion space, and cranial relationships) The neck for instance does not allow the head of an unconcious person to flop as much as a dead one.
The corpse needs to be supported at more points or it will "fold" in on itself.

i did not know that i would have guess the opposite

the weight doesn't increase, the stiffness of the body however make it more difficult for moving the deceased.

Because a person who isn't moving is a bit more complicated to move than a person who is alive.

History Lesson..During non violent protests for civil rights protesters would pretend to be asleep/play dead making it harder for them to be moved by authorities.

Are you referring to dead weight?

thats mostly a myth. the body might bloat while its decaying which would cause a very small weight gain, but not much.

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