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 Why is it that i have the feeling of 'nervousness' or 'anxiety' after drinking coffee?

 I have a son whom has a lot of medical conditions.?
He is 9 years old and one of his conditions could ultimately lead to death. How do you explain to a child that what his doctors are doing to him may seem to him to be painful and cruel are saving ...

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 How long does Marijuana stay in your system for...?
also any tricks/tips to get marijuana out of your system quick will be helpful...I have been smoking every day for about the last month...so how long do you thiink it will take for it to get out of ...

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 Who here has A.D.H.D.?
And how do you cope with it...
Additional Details
What is that Website?...

 need to reach website of physicians choice health at yahoo.com?

 What do Doctors do when they can't find a diagnosis for a Patient?
I am not sick,just wondering....

 What is happening to your head when you have a headache???

 Can milk help ease some stomach pains?

 i keep feeling drowsy plz good ways in how can i stay awake?
i washed my face with water took cold showers did not help wots happening to me
Additional Details
have a starbucks with a double shot of espresso? wots that ido exercise yes fresh air ...

 How can i stop getting carsick?
Everytime i get in a car for more than 10 minutes i get a realy bad headache. if i go for more than an hour, its unbearable. i think this is mostly mental, im causing it among myself. so how do i fix ...

 Guys, would you secretly like to ask questions about menstruation?
I'm not necessarily asking you to put your questions about menstruation here, although I'd be happy to answer them by e-mail if you'd like. It's seemed to me that some guys I ...

 I'm looking for vitamins that will help boost energy, any suggestions??
I get up around 7 am and usually so tired at 3 pm that all i do is sit on the couch, i don't want to do ...

 why do vitamins always make me sick?
I am always tired and dont "feel good" in general. I know I need vitamins, but about 5 minutes after I take them, I vomit. I was hoping there was something else I could take besides the ...

 What natural food can enhance testosterone level?
I'm a 19-year-old male. I'm wondering what kinds of natural food can provide good testosterone to males or encourage testosterone production in the body? What should be taken to improve my ...

 Chantix...has anyone tried it? How's it working for you?

 what you do to make sure you don't oversleep and a very impotant occasion?

 How can I curb the urge to sneeze?
I have a cold and it makes me feel like I need to sneeze often. I remember learning that you can get rid of the urge to sneeze by massaging the top part of your nose. Is there anything else that ...

Why do some people not sweat no matter how hot the room is or what they're doing?
I usually feel like I'm "about to" sweat when active or in a hot room, but I don't sweat. I'm usually the only one not overheated while others are sweating too. My husband said it's freaky. Is it? Is it healthy?
Additional Details
Correction: sometimes there is a mist on parts of me, but I'm not sweating buckets like others do. :-)

David P
I really don't know the answer, but I've experienced the same thing my whole life. I have 2 possible theories in my case that may or may not be true. The 1st is I've always had a very low percentage of body fat and that maybe the amount of sweating depends on how much body fat you have. However, I think I disprove this theory because my hands and wrist seem to be one of the main sweat areas for me and also have the least amount of fat. The second theory I have is that I don't sweat much because I have very dry skin and that maybe the skin is soaking up moisture that would normally come out as sweat. I certainly don't see anything unhealthy with it though, but who knows.

There are people who don't sweat or can't sweat. My grandma doesn't sweat. It is unusual but not unknown. In some people the pores don't open for the sweat to come out. You may feel hot but nothing comes out.
You do not want to get very hot because you could pass out. My grandma has gotten very hot and almost passed out because the sweat was not being released. The next time you see a Dr. mention it to him/her and see what they say. Good luck~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amanda K
I have heard of people not sweating but I do not personally know them. You should tell your doctor about this. Try to stay cool and do not get overheated.

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