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 What do you do to relax?
Because this year is going to be so stress ful for me because of gcses and leaving school bla bla bla
anyone no any good ways to relex?...

 i need a group for a/a and n/a since i can't go to meetings?
i need to find out info on any support groups or web addresses that i can go to since i have 6 kids and it's very hard to get to a meeting when i feel like using. we have one car and my husband ...

 Tamiflu- what does it cost in irish pharmacy?
Anybody had to purchase this drug recently through an irish chemist? What did you pay per tablet and did it improve your flu symptoms. Thank you
Additional Details
Eating rubbish? Who ...

 Can sunscreen damage your skin?
I use sunscreen because I burn really, really easily (I use parasols and other protective clothing, but sunscreen gets applied on the exposed areas) and I was just thinking about how there are ...

 what are the best ways to treat a concussion?

 What's the use of Ear Wax?
Went to the doctor and forgot to ask this question. If anyone can give me information and telling me why we have ear wax that would be totally helpful. Also, I've been using Olive oil for about ...

 help with health project?
ok for all of the smokers out there, I need five reasons why people smoke....

 why am i so tired lately???
i have been getting up in the morning lately and haven't got the energy to do anything not even go to the gym and it's doin my head in, what can i do to give me that all important energy ...

 How to relieve all this stress and pressure im having?
I just watched a old music video I used to watch all the time, when I was actually enjoyed life. Now a days all im thinking about is what I should be doing, and how im not doing things right. When I ...

 how does "jittery" feel like?
i know how it feels like, but at the time time i dont, so how does it exactly feel like? do you have shaky fingers?do you feel jumpy? stupid question but i really want to know, thanks!!!!!...

 Can you die from inhaling helium?

 I hit my temple on a corner of a table?
I hit my temple when reaching down to pick something up, and hit it against the corner of my end table. I didnt hit it extremely hard but i did bump against it and now it hurts around the area (this ...

 What does viagra do to a female?

 Would having your tonsils removed get rid of getting a lot of sore throats and having a lot of excess mucus??
What would be an appropriate doctor for this and how much would it cost?...

 is taking 3 tylenol 325 mg each good for me?
im 5'0'' and weigh 125 pounds. is taking 3 tylenol pills that are each 325 mg, safe? i have a huge headache and 2 pills dont do anything for me
Additional Details
im 5'...

 Have you ever gotten your days and nights mixed up?
This summer it is especially bad. I will stay up till 4 a.m. and then sleep til 1 pm the next day. Anyone else ever gotten into this cycle? I start college in 22 days and need to break it. Any advice?...

 my son has been asleep for 2 days now, is he alright?
I cant tell if hes breathing or not , but he most likely is he hasnt woke up in 2 days straight he hasnt eaten or draken anything, do you think he just has the flu? Someone get back to me please!...

 What is the best and easiest dosage to take when trying to get off of Methadone to have the least withdrawal?
I want to get off of Methadone but I don't want it to take forever and also don't want major withdrawals either.I feel like a slave to the clinic anymore and the gas to get there every day ...

 what to do when it hurts to poo a lot?
Im 15 and ive had this problem for a while as i remember that even when i was a little kid i would go to the bathroom #2 every 5 days or so.
I was young so i dont really remember how everything ...

 A painful death????????????
Is drowning or stabbing yourself in the stomach more painful?...

Why do I sometimes blackout when I stand up?
When I stand up from sitting or laying down, I sometimes start to black out. I don't faint, but I do see black/black dots for about 10 seconds. While this is happening, my head feels like it has a lot of pressure on it and I guess you could call that light-headed and sometimes I also get dizzy. This happens probably two to three times every day to every other day. I've researched and found that this happens to most people sometime in their life, but I also read that if it happens frequently than it could be harmful. I wanted to know what is considered a serious case and also what's happening when I "black out". Thank you!

could be Dysautonomia,
i've got this,
check this link.

it depends on how old u r. if u are young, it means your growing. if you are an adult, you should see a doctor.

M(^-^)lly Putin
It could have to do with the way you eat, maybe your blood sugar is lower even a case of anemia. If you use glasses, it could also be that you have the wrong prescription. I would suggest seeing your doctor and an optometrist.

It's from getting up too fast. I don't know why it happens just take your time getting up

When Darkness Falls I Will Be There
It's just your blood flowing through you from sitting or laying down just get up slower

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