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When you get a Blood test, can the doctor know if you're pregnant???
My sister jusy had a blood test done because of a liver deficiency but she wants to know if her exam would show a pregnancy even if both things aren't related

Well I am not sure about that but I was told that a blood test can find out anything. But I think they can better find out through a urine test.

only if he looks for Hcg (human chorionic gonatropin). that is the hormone that will rise if you are pregnant.

the only way to know is if it is part of the testing. because of certian deficiencys they will automatically do a preg.test

yep they can

Nope.Pregnancy will efect the hormone,which not contains in blood.So,it is very much uncommon to find out pregnancy thru blood test.Positively thru urine test.

No. Only if she had specifically requested a pregnancy test will her blood be examined for a possible pregnancy. If you are from the USA, a test cannot be performed without your consent.

Yes most doctors to that just to make sure.

yes faster than pee. and they can tell her how far alone she is.

you have to do the preg. test to indicate positive results, if your in doubt make sure to ask for it before you start any new med, to make sure that it will not affect your baby in a bad way..good luck

It can, but unless they had a reason to run a pregnancy test, they probably wouldn't.

old lady
Blood tests are usually given for a specific reason -- as in your sister's case, a liver deficiency. And normally, they don't test the blood they take for everything possible. They've have to take quarts of it if they did that! I don't know if there is a blood test for pregnancy at the present time? However, if she thinks she may be pregnant she should certainly share her little secret with her doctor!

Only if they tested for pregnancy.

um yea u could test the blood to see if your pregnant... but im not sure if they do it automaticly... or weither ul have to ask.!

It will not show a pregnancy unless a pregnancy BCHG level was ordered. The doctor may be able to speculate if some of the results are different but to know for sure a bchg level must be done. most liver tests will not show pregnancy.

Only if she requested that particular test. The doctor cannot not test for anything that you do not authorize.

It has to be the specific blood test for pregnancy.
I liver test won't tell if she is pregnant.
They have to look for a certain hormone pregnant women make.

sure they can tell by blood test

depends on if the disease and medicines prescribed for the disease would harm a fetus

yes,the doctor can tell you if you're pregnant.

Jennifer S
She would have to have the doctor look for that. Just because they draw blood does not mean that they are going to run those kinds of tests.

The only way it would show she was pregnant was if they specifically looked for that!!

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