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 Former smokers?
When you were quitting, what ideas/thoughts helped you the very most in doing so? Also, do you think it's a good idea to try and replace the smoking habit with a different, healthy one? Or is ...

 What is the best thing you can give/offer to people with terminal disease?
Like cancer, Alzheimer's disease, AIDS, ALS, ...etc......

 Weird insect bite on my face with red line?
I fell asleep outside on my porch last night for a few minutes, and then woke up and came inside. I woke up this morning, with what appears to be an insect bug bite on my cheek, and it has a red ...

 DUDE Help me out, how can I fake sick?
I really don't want to go to school tommorow, i'm kinda over it for the week :O I don't have to go Thursday or Monday because of a break, but still. I told my Mom I didn't feel ...

 Honestly, What is so bad about smoking marijuana?
1.) Its not as bad for you as all the tar and crap in cigarettes. Its a natural plant and contains nothing but itself. (unless laced but then it isn't just marijuana anymore)

2.) It ...

 Why do some people not swing their arms when they walk?
My wife and I have been trying to figure this out for a few years now. Most people swing their arms when they walk. It is a natural balancing motion that a person has to try not to do in order to ...

 Can't you learn a lot from a smart child?

 What do You think does calcium or vitamin D supports bone health?

 what are the defining characteristics of a tumor?
i think i may have one.........

 Why does my eyelid keep twitching??!?
Its been doing it for the last few days, its really annoying!
Additional Details
I have been really stressed lately and didn't sleep well for a bit (see other questions) but I'...

 How to improve eye sight?
Can u plz suggest me some good ways to improve eye sight? I have tried with Vitamin 'E' tablets and Carrots. These are so far so good :-(

Thanks for answering.Have a nice day.K...

 was your childs school kind enuff to partner up with the health dept to give free h1n1 shots?
finally the school is doing something....for the children!...

 how many of u talk to urselves?
i 've actually asked this ques.
but sumthin happened and therefore i couln't get ur ans....
do u think, comment, scorn etc aloud even when ur alone???
i always ...

 Uh oh - I think I damaged my ear. My eardrum is vibrating!?
Wellll, I listen to a lot of music, and for the past few days my eardrum has been vibrating, haha, even without any stimuli.

How can I stop this, it's becoming very irritating?...

 Tell me whats wrong with me?..Coughing up blood?
Frequently, Ive been Coughing up blood, ( At least a cup a day ) I'm fourteen, I don't smoke, And I've never drank Alcohol either.
I've also been experiencing Chest pains, N...

 John Ritter had a double pupil? what does that even mean?
as a big john ritter fan reading this on rosie o'donell's blog was shocking:

question-Did you ever meet John Ritter?

he had a double pupil
in one ...

 How long does it take food poisoning to kick in?

 Should you or should you not soak your feet ?
... the reason I ask is when I bought a pair of shoes the other day a few tips were in the box on foot care advising you not to.

I've always thought that soaking feet were good for ...

 What is your addiction?

Additional Details
To SassyGirl 1, I can live with that ...

 Give Me Stars!!!!! Pleezzzzzzzzzzz?
I'm sad because i haven't gotten any stars. U can get two points if you answer and give me a ...

2010 warrior_soul
What part of the brain is malfunctioning when someone has no conscience?

The frontal lobe, is related to morality. It develops as we grow into adults.

Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks.

Anita is right. You are on a roll . Nice.

The Limbic system. It connects the higher and lower functions of our brains, it is called both the "Emotional Center" and the "Conscious System" of the brain. The interaction between the limbic system and the cortex maintains a person's conscience. . Physical disruption or disease of the Limbic System causes major behavioural changes.

Warning - Persons with no conscientiousness are easy targets for Alzheimer's disease - a disease due to brain degeneration leading to memory loss, personality changes, dementia and, ultimately, death.

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