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 The sedated me without my consent, was the hospital in the wrong?
i am a person who suffers from self harm and have been to the hospital a number of time to get stitched up, last week the normal routine of drink/self harm comes into play and i stick a knife in my ...

 Question for the drug addicts.?
if you use drugs (ANY kind) on a regular basis, you're an addict. i don't care what YOU think, well, because your thought process has been altered.

Any one i have been so &#...

 Please Rate me!(pic)?
I know I am overweight.
I am losing weight .
But 1-10 please.
Let me know what I coould fix.
Additional Details

 HELP!!!!who knows anything about drug od?
Hi, I'm 17 years old and i think i just overdosed on tussionex pennkinetic. I took a teaspoon and a half insead of just one teaspoon. I'm extremely jittery and my breathing is very slow and ...

 any noises first time smoking weed?
im gonna be smoking weed for the first time tonight but my parents are gonna be home, and im just wondering if im gonna be making any loud noises or anything when im high lol.

and as far ...

 What ways can ecstasy can be taken?
i only know orally (swallow)
what other ways are there?...

 Whats the difference between medicare and health insurance?

 stomach stretch marks?
i recently got pretty bad stretch marks on my stomach, and i havnt put on any weight?! well maybe the odd lb or two, but nothing noticable. they are definately stretch marks, but are did they comeee??...

 what are the side effects of cocaine( physically and mentally)?

 stomach problems..maybe stress? Help!?
Lately I have been really stressed with finals (5 major test) and planning to go out of country to Turkey on the 19th along with a few other things.
For the past 4 days my stomach has been ...

 When you do chi exercises, are your palms supposed to turn red,hot,or even tingle. Just wondering........?

 People over 30, is this normal?
When I do the slightest bit of abnormal exertion, I am really sore afterward. For instance, last night I was cutting fairly thin plastic with scissors to make something, and this morning both hands ...

 Is there any simple way to be taller?
I'm 5'8 (173cm) and male. In this day and age this is below average and I was wondering if there were some simple solutions rather than using hormones etc to be or appear taller.


 im 18.female. ive got really bad pains in my stomach when i urinate.?
i urinate a tiny bit with a tiny bit of blood....

 Feel sick/faint when standing in crowds - any ideas why?
Sometimes when I'm on the Tube, or in meetings where we have to stand, I start to feel faint and sick. It's not claustrophobia - I have no problem with crowds - but I feel weak and nauseous....

 Is huffing addictive?
Huffing is getting high by drinking bottles of cough syrup, or by sniffing model airplane glue, gasoline, butane, or paint. It is basically using household products to get high or get a rush. Can a ...

 i have been told my immune system is a little bit weaker.What can I do about it?
At first,sorry for my English!I'm non native English speaker and it's not easy to write this kind of question for me.Dont know which words I should use...

So..the question is:

 Why does my stomach hurt after staying up all night or just too late.?
And what can i do to make it go away?...

 Body went numb, what's the cause?
Today all of the sudden my body went numb from my head to my toes, a weird numb feeling a bit like when you have been sleeping on your arm. Even even the inside of my mouth felt numb. I also felt ...

 What are signs that a person might be using crack cocaine?
My sister hasn't been acting at all like herself ... for a while. I know that her boyfriend has been arrested for possession of crack, even though she swears she's never done it. Are ...

Seren Carmin
What determines how your voice sounds?
Recently I discovered my voice is really high and has a sort of strange, speech-impedement-type accent to it. (I hear a recording, and everyone was like, "Yeah! That's exactly what you sound like!" and I was, "Umm. No I don't!")

Anyway, everyone else in my family sounds normal, although there are some people who speak with the same "accent" I have. (...never realized I was one of them). Now I'm wondering: what makes your voice sound the way it does? Is it genetic, or just one of those things?

Thanks! :)

Its commonly genetics, but I noticed that the way you think can do those things too. When I was younger, I used to be a tomboy, so I'd talk with a lower voice because I was around so many dudes. Whenever I'd hang around girls, it would go higher. You can train yourself to keep a certain voice, and it would be hard, but after a while you just talk like that. Even with accents(like English). If say, you moved to England, you'd be around so many people with the accent that you'd develop one without even realizing it.

Good Luck!

your gender.

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