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 A large lard lump appeared under my jaw this morning...?
It hurt when pressed and made swallowing hurt too.

However, it has now started to go down - could it have been a gland thing - or what?...

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 lip piercings?
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 I smell EVERYTHING before consumption, I am the only one who does this??
I make sure I smell food, beverages or alcohol brfoe I consume it. Is that normal? I dont do it for safety, I do it just because. I dont know maybe Im nosy???...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of bad sunburn pain??
i recentenly went boating and got really bad sunburn on my back and it hurts really bad....

 How can I fall asleep?
Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.
I'm tired, I close my eyes, but nothing happens.
Last week it was okay, but a few times I only had 2 or 3 hours of sleep :s
Some tips for me?...

 Is there any form of meditation that is an alternative to weed?
I'm really trying to cut back on my drug usage, and I would really like to know if there is a way to get the same high without killing my lungs.
Thanks :-)
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 How come people say bless you when you sneeze?
Haha i was just wondering :P
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Thankkzz youu guyzz!!...

 Marijuana or cigarettes... which would you rather have your kids smoke?
I'm curious.
how many of you parents would rather have your kids smoke marijuana than cigarettes?

or the other way around.....

 My throat hurts and I feel weak. HELP?!?
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 What should I know about donating blood?
I am donating blood for the first time monday, anyone have any tips?
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Do i have to know my blood type?...

 Please tell me, when is mid morning?
On medication bottle directions says: Take mid morning,mid afternoon,and before bed....

 How long does it take cannibas to leave your system?
My sister use to smoke it, she recently applied for a new job which does drug tests and is worried that her past hobby will let her down.
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I ...

 why do people get angry over little things?
why arepeople getting angry for you joking with them i feel like every one is not to be trusted....

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 how do you get rid of nose bleeds?
i've had 8-9 separate nosebleeds for the past 4 days. most of them last about 15+ minutes. i've already tried putting vaseline in my nose because i heard that it helps but not in this case, ...

 Why is there a bit of blood in my feces? Should I be worried?
I have some blood coming out in my feces. My intestines/stomach do not hurt, although I have felt as though my stomach is slightly swollen (I am not sure whether or not this is related). There is ...

 at what age can you start wearing contact lenses ?
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 How can people only "smoke socially/only when on a night out". Aren't you either addicted or not?
If you smoke socially then won't your body develop an addiction that will, given time (maybe months), mean you need a smoke every few hours?...

What can someone eat when they have the runs?

Bottom Contributor
Eat a bowl full of chile and wash it down w/ a cup full of ex-lax.

Curry. Then you can call it the FUN-RUNS

"Fast food"

just me #1
cheese and bananas both outta slow ya down

The treatment of diarrhea depends upon the cause. If the cause, such as sorbitol or a certain drug, is removed, the diarrhea usually stops and the body can heal. Many people think that they should stop drinking fluids and eating until the diarrhea goes away. This is not true. It is important to replace the fluids and nutrients lost through diarrhea. You can drink water or electrolyte drinks that contain a balance of water, sugar, and salt, but should avoid fruit juices and milk products. Foods containing starch, such as cereals, crackers, rice, and mashed potatoes, are more easily digested when you have diarrhea. Avoid beans and spicy foods. You can return to your normal diet one day after the diarrhea is completely gone. Never take medications for reducing diarrhea (anti-motility agents) unless your doctor recommends it. Sometimes bulking agents that are normally used to treat constipation may help absorb excess fluids in diarrhea.

Louis L
Burnt toast.

Go Bears!
Rice and bananas. Drink LOTS of water.

Olaf J

The BRAT diet.....broth/bananas, rice, applesauce, tea/toast.....all are easy on the system. Don't forget, cheese will bind you up, too.

Only liquids until they slow down. When they do, the DRs call it the BRAT diet....bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.


An apple with the peel for diarrhea. An apple without the peel for constipation.

Immodium AD and some bread and water.

bread and crackers work best.

You need to get fiber in your diet. I eat frosted mini wheat's and this seems to help. But any high fiber food will help. Another thing that people don't consider is drinking water. This also helps when you have the runs. Seems like an oxymoron but water will also help.

rice and / or bananas.

Chad [loves you]
bread, crackers, rice, bananas, water

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