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What can I eat for a sore throat?
My throat hurts really bad and even when I swallow and drink. But I'm really hungry so what's something good I can eat that would kind of help my throat?

Island Girl
drink some hot tea and eat Michelina's fedachini alfredo!
it always helps me, and the microwave fedachini is really cheap at food lion or some grocery store, its generic!

Just wrap up in a blanket, watch a sad movie, and have some chicken soup.

i would say soup or some porridge

steven m
Put some honey in a glass
add some pure lemon juice
then some hot water

Drink this,

It should soothe your throat

Buru Inu Hippie
Maybe some ice cream. OR cream corn. Something soft and easy to swallow.

drinking a mixture of hot water and honey helps the soreness too.

Aarabi K
you dont need any medicine. you can gargle your throat wit hot water and a good mouth wash like listerine, or hot water with salt.
you can eat hot soup, that's the best of course. Keep drinkin warm water every half hour or so. your throat should be fine in no time

Anything to sooth it.
Ice Cream, yogurt, etc.

Carley S
warm chicken broth and hot tea even though it hurts to swallow warm liquids like tea and broth help a lot .if that hurts to bad eat jello

Alter Ego
Ice cream or any nutritious food put through the blender.

That Clever Shark
Stay away from sugar!!! It's really bad for you when your sick! If you eat popsicles than make sure they are whole fruit and have low sugar, less sugar etc.

Cream of wheat, oatmeal, mashed potatoes are okay to have on a sore throat. Even pasta because its soft. becareful, they are all high in staches which turn into sugar in your body.
Chicken noodle soup, perhaps?

Pudding, jell-o, mashed potatoes, applesauce, popsicles, ice cream, any thing soft and mushy. I had to eat stuff like that when I had braces and I had to get them tightened because it would hurt so bad to eat real food.

chicken broth

Honey! It glazes your throat and you don't feel a thing!

Who are you sore at? Are you holding back angry words you feel you can't let out? Did you argue with someone? once you get to the root of these & figure it out you can release the pain. The situation will pass so relax about it & your throat will clean up. Meanwhile some chicken soup will comfort you.

liquids only, anything that will melt and not make you use you your Throat muscles or glands.

Connor R
soothers, strepsils or some sort of menthol sweet and a thick milkshake and/or ice cream hope your sore throat goes away

drink anything warm. like coffee or tea.

tea with honey and lemon .... yogurt

you have strep. but i used toget it all the time and i ate popcicles,fudge pops, mac n cheese, and spegetti

eat honey, Honey

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
Soup like chicken noodle the salt will also help with the sore throat.

jennifer f
warm food like soup milkshakes smoothies, basically liquidity food no solids otherwise it will hurt

D .N. M
eat some warm food like oat meal or soup

hot tea

Drinking warm tea with lemon and honey is the way to go. Eating doesn't help it.

Candace Kuviak

hot tea.

Chelsey R
popsicles help they kinda numb ur throat alittle and then u can eat something like pudding or jello or soup


this might help. get better soon!

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