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 Nurses and doctors, why does this happen to my body?
From last night, my hands, legs were experiencing "involuntary jumping" in various spots. What could it be possibly happening to my body??? Could it be a serious illness???


 What do you think about healing people vs. evolution? Isn't it against evolution to heal the sick?
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 Why am i so hungry lately? feel like i cant eat enough/stay full?
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 Why Do I Keep Getting Sore Throats?
I swear, this is the fourth sore throat I've had in the past six months. It'll be out of random that I'll get one, and each time it's only on ONE side. Usually it's my right ...

 A friend of mine overdosed; did she feel pain before she passed away?
She committed suicide by taking a bunch of pills; sleeping pills & pain killers. I hope this doesn't come off sounding morbid, but I need to know if she felt any pain? They told me that the ...

 ...why do paper cuts hurts...?
why do thy hurt so bad iv bin cut by a sharp knife but it dose not hurt as much as a paper cut?


 all about smoking weed..please & thanks?
i'm a "new" pot smoker... no lectures please

i have a bowl with the hole (carb?)...
how do i pack it/light it/smoke out of it... everything you know, please tell. ...

 Can stress make you itch so bad you have to see a doctor?
My husband was unemployed as of last Thur. Now he is itching all over his body so much he had me to make an appointment with his doc tomorrow. He has never done this before. I thought it was what i ...

 Did you know that diarrhea's hereditary?
Apparently, it runs in the jeans....

 I have a ear problem. Please help.?
Ok, for sum unknown reason, my right ear has like completly stopped up and i cant hear out of it at all really. Ive cleaned it out and used eperoxide but it doesnt help. does anyone know whats wrong ...

 Poll on stem cell research?
Do you support stem cell research [definition at bottom]? Why?

Do you feel that your religion influences this?

What is your religion?

Definition of a stem cell:

 why are yawns so contagious?
ive always wondered why yawns are so contagious. i mean you see someone yawn and then you automatically yawn, ive yawned about 3 times just typing this because i typed the word yawn. lol. answers ...

 Why do i sneeze like 11 times in a row?
people think its cute i find it embarrassing ive remembered having this problem since the second grade and ive tried to find this out on the internet but i can't so can anyone please help me no ...

 Health insurance question?
My husband and I want to have a baby. But we do not have health insurance. Can you give me any links or names of good companies that you have heard of or that you have used before that would be good ...

 How can I stay cool in the heat?
I have cfs,fms and get sick when it gets too hot. I cant have an airconditoner(makes me sick). Can not get wet at the moment (besides showers) broken foot....

 why do my farts stink?
just curious as to the answers this question will get........

 What are your own ways of dealing with stress?
Please list 'em! Thanks....

 everything cracks...but my hips?!?
Pretty much every joint in my body cracks from time to time, but the most concerning is my hips. If I bend over like I'm picking up something from the floor, a small series of pops happens ...

 what is a good introduction with pros and cons about legalize marijuana?
this will helping me to write about my essay and some thesis ...

 Does anybody know if there is anything you can do about talking in your sleep?
i do it almost every night some nights the words are very clear others aren'...

Trixies Mama
What can I do to make my scars less noticeable?
I used to self injure (cut), and I have a lot of scars on my arms. Some of them are kind of thick and not so attractive. I've heard of Mederma to help ease the appearence of scars, but does that work for older scars too? Is there anything else out there that lightens the look of a scar, so it isn't as noticeable?

use neosporin

use mederma and or neosporin and cover up!

Bronzer and vitamin E

The best way is to go to a dermatologist and get them professionally fixed. Mederma works ok, but only helps a little bit, not that much. Dermatologists have special creams they can prescribe and treatments and things. I have scars on my knees from 5 years ago, but they look alot better now that I got help from a dermatologist.

id go to a skin specialist and ask..

i played football and got tons of scars.. but they just kinda faded over time..

but some stayed b/c they were big/ deep cuts..

Mederma, I think, will work on older scars as well as newer ones. It definitely lessened the scar I have on my nose.

You can't do a whole lot for old scars, but if you use cocoa butter a lot it will blend it in somewhat. Another good news is as you age and "grow" new skins, the scars will become less and less visible.
P.S. I got a friend who used to cut himself, he hasn't done it for 7 years and the scars are hardly noticeable.

I just bought mederma for a scar on my face. The package says that it works on both old and new scars. I've also heard that pure vitamin E works also. good luck!

Don't worry about it...

A woman's scars have never in any way affected my attraction for her...

As long as your eyes look into mine with a sincere sparkle of mischief, love, humor, and intelligence...

I wouldn't even notice scars on your arms...or if I did...I'd chalk it up to a childhood "scrape" you got into once, or some other unimportant situation that now doesn't exist because it's in the past...

Besides...it's the inner thighs that are the most important...

Try concealer.

d s
Go to a drug store and there are scar and blemish removers.

onehotmommy 79
avon makes a praduct that helps with scares look around see who your local rep is i use to do the same thing and had the same prablem then i tryed it never been so happy if you need help finding a rep just e mail me i will help you find your local rep thanks topofthehill4@earthlink.net

I show off my scars, and make up cool stories for them, try naming them

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