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Experienced users answer only, please....

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What NOT to eat with a sore throat?
are there foods that aggravate the sore throat and make it worse? what can I do to make it better?

John K
cold drinks

Joanna C

dont eat oily things - BLEUGH

A mouth full of hair.

Cheese and milk.

I'm not being sarcastic here but honestly dont eat throat sweets. (soothers, locketts, that kind of thing) I have suffered tonsilitis many times usually brought on by throat sweets. There's something in them that makes it worse. For me anyway.

how old are you? take a good shot of whiskey, clears up anything

Mikey S
garlic bread or anything on the lines with that like scratchy things

Veronica Alicia
Avoid chillies
Gargle with a saline solution (1 teasp salt to a tumbler of warm water)
Gargle with TCP - a dilution of 5 parts water to 1 part TCP. DO NOT SWALLOW.

Dig my answers.â„¢
NO spicy food, or anything really sour. Sour can mean something as common as some juices. Try drinking honey tea. And go to like your drug store (the good kinds =P) and buy some herbal sore throat drops.

hot spicy foods, hot of the press foods, and soda are NO NO's but when you eat foods that have cooled after they have been cooked, and ice cream.are DO's Treat it like your getting yoour tonsils taking out. Good Luck

Charlotte G
Anything you have to chew/that is crunchy.

Crackers, chips, etc.

Drink brothy soup, and gargle warm sea salt water

hot water and honey=better
rough dry food like toast...crisps... make it worse

Hmmm Indeed.
crisps are a no no, try soup,ice cream,milkshakes.mushy cold/hot food in generall.lol

really hot curry xx

Dr Frank
Absolutely no rules at all and no foods will really affect the condition. Often cool things like yogurt and ice cream are more soothing than hot which are traditionally suggested. Also if your throat is very sore hard crunchy things like toast may be uncomfortable to swallow. As Rhianna notes 85% of all sore throats are viral and thus self limiting anyway.

Jo Jo
eat luke warm soup (avoid things that are too hot), or porridge, ice cream, rice pudding, custard, or pasta. Avoid crunchy things like crisps or baguettes, if you have bread dont toast it.

i'm not too sure, but when i had a sore throat spicy food seemed to make it sooo much worse
so i'd recommend staying away from spicy foods
& you should drink tea with a bit of honey in it, that really soothes it

get better!



Hope this helps!
P.S.- Get well soon:)

Maddie M
sunny D hurts it so don't drink that or any foods with acids

Not really. Foods will not really make a difference either way. 85% of sore throats are caused by viral infections. Nothing you do or eat will shorten the duration. It will go away on it's own. Feel free to eat what you want

When you have a sore throat in the UK we say have an icecream or something to soothe it.........
Here in Spain they avoid cold things like the plague.............so the question is..........who is right?
Is there a doctor in the house?

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