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 Ouch...What is this?
Hey....I have pain in my lower stomach, like below my belly button and im POSITIVE its not my period because its been hurting for like more than a month and I know what those feel like......what is ...

 my cousin handed in a fake prescription...?
my cousin handed in a fake prescription yesteday and the pharmasist told him they would have to contact the doctor for directions. What should he do now? He was not aware that it was such a big deal....

 I lost my voice how do i get it back?
Yeah it hurts to talk andd it just suddenly disappered.. my voice.

Additional Details
Firstt... my friend is a retard it doesnt hurt to talk (she wrote my question)


 Whenever i eat or drink something i feel bitter in my mouth. what's wrong with me?
whenever i eat or drink something i feel bitter in my mouth. it happens when i eat anything such as sweet taste, sour etc. what's wrong with me? it's been like this for about one week....

 Shouldn't we be saying "No" to Fluoride in our drinking water?

How one man made a difference...

 Im Confused..! Why People get Confused..! How to overcome this Confusion..!?

 Why the English population (UK) is not easily accepted medical treatment with injections?
In my experience as a physician in spain, 95% of patients British refusal to be treated with injections without a logic cause.
Please forgive if my English is not ...

 can one have abnormal test results and have nothng wrong?
im 18 yrs old and when i was sixteen i was in the hospital for panic attacks. for some reason i went to get blood taken and my ANA test came back abnormal (160 and speckled) which ould mean ...

 Why is it every time I go to a Movie Theatre I get Nausea's? ?
Just recently every time I have went to a movie theatre I get Nausea's and run to the bathroom and vomit....

 I need medical advice ASAP!?
I was really stressed out all of feburary, very exhausted with school, mock trial, a play I was in, etc. I became plagued by fatigue, headaches, stomaches. I would rest for a day though, take some ...

 If I smoke a cigg what will happen?
Had RNY gastric bypass Nov. 19th.
Will one cigg give me an ulcer and all those other side effects???

Or are those warnings for people who smoke like a pack a day?...

 Insomnia after 2 weeks of being vegan?
Right now it's 4:18 A.M. and I have to wake up to go to work at 11:00 A.M. that gives me a little under 7 hours to sleep :(

Ever since I recently started eating vegan I've been ...

 Have you ever had a...?
Bone marrow biopsy? Did it hurt? What did they do? Was there tons of pain?...

 are there any side effects to a rhinoplasty?

 bad congestion & bad cough for 6 weeks now..how do i get rid of this?
i have had this bad cough and ive been coughing up yellow mucus and its been going on for 6 weeks!!! what will get rid of this?...

 What are the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on the Liver?
I need everything in detail please. This is for a project and i cant fidn the effects on the liver. Please help me!

 Why is it that according to the state of California everything causes cancer?
I see these labels everywhere which say a product contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer. I have read that the products they say cause cancer really don't pose a serious threat. Are ...

 I'm sick, what could be some remedies for the common cold?
Also, I think I passed on my cold to my mom because now she's sick, what do I do to help her?
Additional Details
I got a fever about 3 hours ago and it's killing me, making me ...

 Anyone Ever Had Problems With Drugs?
Im Trying To Stop Taking Speed The Now Wondered If Anyone Had; Had The Same kind Of Problem??
(With Other Drugs Too)
Additional Details
Well I'm trying to clean up and stop ...

 When your an EMT?
What does it mean when you "knowingly falsify a report?"

i am watching "the moment of truth" and the guy did this....

What Damages Does a Corset cause to the inside of your body?
I was told that wearing a corset can cause damage to your intestines, and ribs, and can also cause problems to your bladder.



Yes, it is true that tight corseting can cause damage to your body. Not only does it squash your internal organs but it crunches your rib cage. In the 1800s, when corseting was popular, women also were prone to fainting spells as a result of poor circulation and difficulty breathing from the corsets. They also made pregnancy precarious.

There are a lot of myths regarding problems from wearing a corset. Most are exaggerations from the 1800's; while problems did exist history tends to remember the extreme examples and not those of the average everyday wearer. Hygiene was not the best in those times and often a lot of hygiene problems were blamed on corset. Remember in those times women were wearing corsets all the time.

Just think of the 4 to 5 inch stilettos that we are currently wearing. If in 50yrs time they go out of fashion all sorts of issues as to the extreme damage they caused will be remembered, not the 99.99% of women who wore them had no problems at all.

Modern corsets are a better design and our hygiene practises are also much improved. If you are wearing a properly fitted corset occasionally then you will not have any health issues. Remember it should feel like a comfortable overall hug, any tight spots and loosen the laces a little, there should not be any pain.

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