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What's your lower back bone called ?
I've tried google, and yahoo but it won't tell me, and I keep getting random results. If you know please tell me. I think it begins with c..? Many Thanks x

it's called the lower back bone

ClarkKent (S)
I believe your speaking about the lumbar spine and sacral spine.

toietmoi is spot on cant say anymore

Peter H
Bum bone.


coccyx (Latin: os coccygis).. I think this is it???

Rachael H

Val G
cocyx is the last bone at the bottom of your spine,


coccyx - its triangle shaped and right at the base of your spine.

Dr Frank
I suspect you are talking about your sacrum, the lowest part of which is called the coccyx.

coccyx. I pronounce it "KOK SICKS".

It's the coccyx, I know because I had to have mine removed!!

RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT)
There are 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, then the sacrum and finally the coccyx.


Coccyx. Above the coccyx is the sacrum.

I am standing on my head while writing this, so my coccyx is the upper back bone, and the atlas is the lowest.

God I'm bored


It's the Coccyx

It is the coccyx

The lower bones of the back is the sacrum and coccyx(comprised of 4 bones)


Well, said Alberto

the coccyx is the small bone right at the very base of your spinal column


it hurts like hell when you fall on it :[

I call mine Dave.


its the coccyx (4) little bones right at the bottom of the spine
at the top its 7 cervical vertebrae
next is 12 thoracic vertebrae
then its 5 lumbar vertebrae
then its 5 sacrum(or sacral)vertebrae
then the 4 coccyx
sacrum and coccyx have no disc in between as these bones are fused together

The spine is made up of several segments. It depends on what you mean by "lower" back bones. The lumbar vertebrae are generally considered "lower back", while the sacrum and coccyx make up parts of the pelvis.:

Cervical (7 bones) = neck
Thoracic (12 bones) = chest, vertebrae that have ribs attached
Lumbar (5 bones) = low back
Sacrum (one bone with 5 fused segments) = back of pelvis
Coccyx (4 bones) = tail bone - near the anus

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