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 how long does it take for someone to die when they drink alcohol everyday?
i have two family members who drink atleast 12 beers a day, and it is starting to have a serious effect on them. how long would it take for them to die if they don't stop?...

 Bulimia pains dunno what to do?
I have been having really bad stomach pains and my mum knows about bulimia but she don't understand how much they hurt what do I do I can't sit through schoolnlike this
Additional D...

 I'm constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get?
Okay, so for over a week now I've been going to bed at 7 or 8pm everyday and naturally waking up at 5am no matter what and can't go back to sleep. I'm sixteen, also, if that helps. And ...

 why do people smoke ciggs?
like i know people smoke weed because it gets you high, but like whats the point of cigarettes?...

 do you believe that a burp is an educated fart?

 does anyone know of something that can speed up my metabolism?
i would like to know if anyone would know of something that has been proven to speed up ...

 What does it mean to dream of crows?
I had a dream about a white crow--what does that symbolize? I know a crow means death, but it was mostly white, with a black tail and grey markings in it's forehead....

 A question about smoking?
I have a bad cold with a lot of congestion. Why does smoking make it easier to breathe? It would seem the opposite would be true.

Yes, we know smoking is bad for us.

Thank you....

 That feeling in your stomach... *love is in the air*?
What is the actually happenings in your body when you're feeling loved and you get that jumped electric feel? Is it muscles contracting really fast, is it your heart skipping a beat, is it a ...

 please help severe headache what does he do?
Me and my boyfriend are in a long distant relation ship and we talk on the phone from 1-2 hrs during weekdays and from 4-5 hrs on weekends. He spends usually 4 hrs a day using the internet and he ...

 chest pain from anxiety reaction, how to help it naturally?
I had a rough day yesterday. I have PMS and had a spat with my hubby. I've been under alot of stress lately. Since last night I have been having mild chest pain. I know this is most likely an ...

 Once you have panic attacks/anxiety attacks from marijuana, is smoking marijuana always going to stay that way?
I havent smoked marijuana in about 4 weeks i would say, and the last 4 times or so that i did, i get all panicky and anxious, and i even get them sometimes when i am completely sober. (Keep in mind ...

 My mom just had a panic attack! Can you help!?
So yesterday night my mom was complaining about pressure on her heart and she couldn't walk right. She asked me to call an ambulance and I did. They got here and calmed her down and everything ...

 Holy Sh*t... What's going on?
I cut my foot open on my floor on one of my roommate's things, i don't know what, our room's a mess, but i went to put a band aid on it cause i didn't want to get blood on out ...

 Why is marijuana so popular as a drug?
There are tons of other drugs out there, and this one seems to stand out the most. Is it because it's easy to get a hold of? Cause it's cheap? Is it because it gives you a good high?...

 What scares you about hospitals? the machines, layout, sick people?
What exactly do you fear, either about the machines / procedures themselves or how the staff operate, the waiting room perhaps?

Think hard....

 swollen right neck lymph node?
my right neck lymph node is swollen, left isnt, no fever and dont feel sick...i took a multi-vitamin earlier in the day before i noticed it, and then took a anitbiotic after i did...ive had bloodshot ...

 What is the difference from Marijuana, Hash, and Oil?
I know they are something you use with marijuana , what do you feel inyour mind differently , like what are the other effects ?
I know what marijuana feels like , but whats the difference with ...

 is this normal for tonsillitis?
Okay I went to the doctor's about 10 days ago with a sore throat and ear ache that wouldn't go away. He ended up telling me that I had tonsillitis and gave me antibiotics that would last 10 ...

 How long can a human go without water?
Also if you can,please answer this question too.How long can a human go without food?

Thanks for your guys help.
Additional Details
Edit:I wasn't sure what section ...

What's Involved in a Physical?
Hey there,
I'm getting my first physical tomorrow.
I'm a bit nervous.
I'm curious to know what is involved in a physical for a woman?

Please let me know..
Thanx much!

Timothy G
dont let them touch without gloves on

lee f
Not so bad.
Lucky you're not a dude...

Kudos <3
A physical is really not the bad .It just kinda like a regular checkup but it involves a shot but thatz it.

Good Luck

A physical checkup involes urinal specimen, blood test, heart check, breathing check, blood pressuere check, tummy check, breast exam, and maybe a pelvic exam.. Every woman should have a complete checkup at least once a year.

Hope I can help
blood pressure check
tb test which involves a stick of a needle
urine test
it also may depend on your reason for taking a physical

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