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 Hot cocoa has more antioxidants than green tea - does this mean powdered hot cocoa?
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 Ways to get sick ........?
Okay , i wanna miss scohol tomorrow . i dont need stuff like GO TO SCHOOL if your goona say that please dont answer this question , i need ways to get sick . like . fever or no fever just feel really ...

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Please don't flag this question!
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like poisoning?...

 Tips for getting rid of headaches?

 Bigger butt, flat stomach?
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[Does Squats, situps and wallsit work?]

Thank You!...

 Sometimes I get a stomach ache when I eat, whether it's something little or small?
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 what's a good medicine when i have sore throat?
or throat candy it doesnt matter. its hurting bad and i cant do anything about it....

 Im addicted?
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 Why do I sleep at certain times during school?
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 is headbanging bad for me?
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And now my ...

 What is your poison (pick one)?
A) Caffeine

B) Sugar

C) Chocolate

D) Energy Drinks

E) I'm a health nut, so I don't need any of those....

 what disease + marijuana = death?
i wanna know that what problem(disease) you should have for weed to kill you(not in a long term but exactly when you smoke it)?
Additional Details
so, no mental or heart diesises can ...

 Does DOXYCYCLINE work for acne?

 What is this moving lump doing on my ankle?
I found this small lump on my left ankle under my skin and it moved around. I got scared, I thought I had cancer. I also had a very small bruise on my ankle and a scab that was healing. I moved the ...

 I wore Large earrings for a few months &now a piercing is slightly larger?
I never had a problem with large/heavy earrings.
I do not remember when I pierced them, but it might have been at least 5 years, so I am not sure waiting for them to grow in would work. One ear ...

 Should I be concerned?
I have a laptop a toshiba laptop and i use my laptop a lot any who i use my track pad a lot and i have been using this computer for about a week now and since i use the mouse on my pointer finger its ...

 I need help quitting tobacco?
I'm planning to quit smoking cigarettes. I'm 18, a senior in high school, and I've been smoking since I was 14. I smoke 6 cigarettes a day. I've quit before, but I went back ...

Neck cracks all the timee?!?
Every single time i rotate my neck around in a circle,
my neck cracks, & i mean EVERYTIME, like when i
lean my head back.
& also, when i push my shoulders back, they crack

what can i do to fix this?

The Wonderer
You can't prove that.

kayon eats cold cuts...lots
your spine needs adjestment, stop cracking it yourself, its getting out of allignment, if u see a chiro they will adjest your spine through care

cracks are caused by little bubbles between the joints being dislodged...it isnt the bones grinding together making noises. so, its not really a big problem...ofcourse, you can get atheritis if you crack your knuckles, but i dont know if the same applies to neck cracking. If you feel pain, then yes, i agree, you should see a doctor...or if it bothers you alot...talk to your mum and see a doctor.

Sounds like a stiff neck or cervical spondylosis...if it's accompanied by pain etc, then you should see a doctor

so this means that you have a weak neck. i had a weak neck ones and this is what i had to do,
every day, lie on your bed on your back. lie so that your body is on the bed, but your head is hanging off the edge. look up at the ceiling and move your neck up and down 10 times. (its a hard motion to explain, it's kind of like the thing that people do with their necks when they are impersonating a chicken...hahah)
anyways do this once a day until it stops. it really worked to strengthen it

Vitriola {{Look at my profile}}
If it's more of a scraping crack, it could be arthritis - I have it in my neck - do yoga either way, my doctor recommended it and it loosens and strengthens the muscles and tendons and ligaments to support the bones better. Plus, it feels great and you will just feel better.

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