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ebony- sweet cheeks
Is smoking weed harmful?
one of my guy mates smokes weed, and i keep telling him its harmful and stuff cos it makes you want to try other worse stuff, but he says its natural and isnt man made, and that its a plant, and nobody has ever died from smoking weed. But is weed actually bad though??

Stacey C
NO! it is natural. If god didn't want it, he wouldn't have put it on the earth. It WILL NOT make you want to do worse drugs, and it will not harm you. And it especially wont kill you. Actually if you do a lil research, you will learn that weed is better than Alcohol. so no its NOT harmful!

I don't know

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►David◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
Its not bad, why do you think they use it for medical purposes? It is only a plant and there is nothing harmfull in it. No one has every died from smoking weed.

nooo! it's organic!

Short-term Effects:
They suffer loss of coordination and distortions in their sense of time, vision and hearing. Other effects are sleepiness, reddening of the eyes, increased appetite and relaxed muscles. Heart rate can speed up. In fact, in the first hour of smoking marijuana, a user’s risk of a heart attack increases at least five-fold. School performance is reduced through impaired memory and lessened ability to solve problems.

Long-term Effects:
Long-term use can cause psychotic symptoms. It can also damage the lungs and the heart, worsen the symptoms of bronchitis and cause coughing and wheezing. It may reduce the body’s ability to fight lung infections and illness.

some people go pyscho after they smoke it but others are barely affected. it depends on the individual

Nobody has ever died from smoking weed.
Yes, it does affect different people in different ways. But does that mean nobody should touch it ..? I dont think so.
Yes I have tried it - No I dont really like it - Does that give me the right to judge others who do enjoy smoking weed ..? Of course not..!

Trevor C

smoking weed will turn you into a child molester and harms you in the eyes of God

yeh i rekon so... one guy i no after smokin a blunt was sat still starring out of a window for like 2 hours without talking once... it was dead funny lol

we were throwing things at him and he didn't notice..

then he started twitching loads and come out with a massive conversation which must have been building up.

the moral of this story is that i think weed is bad, but its fun to do... jus like pretty much everything else in the world

ummm yea!!!! it kills brain cells and it makes you wanna try other things. its bad for you.

While it's true that no-one has died directly from smoking weed, does not mean it's not harmful.

It has been proven quite conclusively to promote paranoid schizophrenia, I knew this policeman in Luton near where I live who was murdered by such a person.


I'm a recovered alcoholic who spent three months in rehab together with drug addicts of all sorts, while there is no published evidence yet to prove a link, every heroin and cocaine addict I ever met there or since followed the same route, alcohol - cannabis - heroin/cocaine.


I have personally known 50 people like Ben since I've been working in rehab myself, they are all DEAD, a lot, younger than Ben.

It's also been proven that cannabis slows down blood flow to the brain.


You will probably get lots of answers from people who quote famous people who smoked weed, I can also quote people whose lives have been ruined by it.

No its not a healthy thing but at the same time its not as bad as other things out there....

yes it it harmful, because it affects your short term memory, but other than that no. i was clean for a good month, and then i got pulled back in the other day, and i regret it. i used to smoke a lot. its not good, whatever you do dont get yourself in that bad habit. when i smoked it didnt make me wanna try worse stuff.

it's certainly not good for you, but not nearly as bad as people claim. inhaling smoke is bad for your throat and lungs, but cigarettes are far worse because of the additives.

weed itself doesn't make you want to move on to harder drugs. that's your own decision. but when you've been told your entire life that marijuana is this devil weed that will make you go insane or ruin your life overnight, and then you try it and find out it's nearly harmless, you're less likely to believe the bad things you've heard about stronger drugs.

Eagles Super Bowl XLV champs!!
haha dude ur brain cells slowly go away somewhere probly where the unicorns live ..but after u smoke weed u think u can handle it and u dont get the craze anymore from smoking it then u try something else...and before u know u turn into britney spears and end like elvis gone forever unless ur famous ....haha SEE WAT weed does to u ?not cool dude....trust me..

Yes. People can become extremely dependant on it and it can trigger mental health issues.

We all hear the arguments that it has medical benefits, that "no one has died from it," that it isn't as bad as other drugs and it isn't man-made...

Then again, you have the people who swear that they have better grades, and focus better, when they are smoking. Or that they can't sleep without weed. Really? Because I smoked pot for 9 years, knew MANY other people who smoked pot the way I did, and at the time, we weren't exactly the kind of people who got good grades, or concentrated very well, or kept very healthy, or slept very well.

I don't care that it's "natural" and has medicinal benefits. Opium is natural, AND has medicinal benefits, doesn't mean it's not detrimental for your health. Cocaine comes from coca leaves, and provide medicinal benefits, doesn't mean it's not harmful. NIghtshade is pretty poisonous, and is that not natural? And they they go on about how it's "natural" so it's okay... hell, why don't I injest EVERY natural thing on this planet? The argument makes no sense. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's okay. And since when the hell were chronic pot users so health conscious?

Then there's the argument that it is not "as bad" as other drugs. Which has a lot of truth to it. But the lifestyle of a chronic smoker isn't very healthy--most of the time it consists of sitting around, watching TV, poor diet, lack of adequate exercise, etc. If you meet a chronic pot user who doesn't do any of those things and actually lives an active lifestyle, great, but that's rare. So if you meet someone like that who says that "pot ISN'T AS BAD for you as..." I would just roll my eyes at them.

If someone were to still tell me that pot helps them focus and get better grades and that they are happier... hmm. Transcript, please. Truthful, detailed description of your average day in your life (without sugar coating), please.

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