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Is it true that a dead body can move on its own?
I've been told that dead bodies can twitch after being dead or move a finger or arm because of nerves well is this true?

Fidel Castillo
There is no way an object or human can move if no force is beign applied to it. As in a living person, your body produces energy and force that makes your legs or hands move and therefore you move. Now, if you are dead, all that energy is gone, just like in a dead battery. The only way a dead body can move is, if there is some kind of internal gas build up, the bones break, muscles break loose, or any type of activity that can occur after a person is dead. (NO, THE DEAD CANNOT MOVE) *until judgement day*

No way, I believe that once you are dead, there is NO WAY for you to move again. Unless something moves the dead body, now that's different.

P.S Do you have any proof that dead people can move on their own?

Hope I could help!

♥Mrs. Nicholas Jerry Jonas♥
no it is not possible at all!

No it's not true, my husband is a mortician.

Pet Luvr
Bodies can move for a little while after being dead. There can be some twitching....air that was in the lungs can escape, and the bowels and bladder relax...which is not really a pleasant thought.

Yes. Like when you kill a bug and it squirms its legs before it actually dies.

Yes. This is true only for very short period of time.

Mary Jo W

¸.•*´`*♥ вαssєт ρυρ♥*´`*•.¸
yes they can its true!

Warm blooded animals can still twitch after death. Gases build up during the decomposition process that can cause movement but it's not muscular. Reptiles on the other hand still can react through reflex action hours after death, one of the reasons they're so fast.

I've seen a person "struck" by a rattlesnake a couple hours after it was killed. He was lucky it had no head. Still it was spooky, the dude picked it up around the middle part, it contracted and stuck him just above the wrist with the bloody stump of it's neck. The man peed in his pants, took a while for him to live it down too.

Very true. After a short period of time the body will stiffen (rigor mortis) but a lot of times rigor mortis will reverse itself (the body will unstiffen) for a while before permanent stiffness sets in. Electrical impulses from the nerves may also trigger some movement in a dead body. It's actually a very weird thing to see, actually kind of freaky when you see it for the first time.

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