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Is it possible to swallow and pill and it go into your lungs?
I took my a tylenol this morning, and hiccuped right when i went to swallow it. It feels like it is stuck somewhere, and no matter how much i drink, it still feels stuck somewhere. Is ther ea chance that it could have gone done the wrong pipe? LOL. What would happen if it did?

Everything that you swallow goes to your head.

I dont think it could have gone to your lungs, its possible it did go wrong the down pipe and its just stuck in there. Idk what would happen..probabley nothing. But if it did go down the wrong pipe I think you would be choking.

No, it won't go to lungs.....but , you may get this in breathing pipe creating irritation in the diaphragm.

very possible. your eppiglotus did not close. Opening your windpipe. get som1 to punch it out of there (so you spit it out

Sure it is possible but then you would be choking not writing on the net.

If you are able to swallow water then there isn't any blockage in the tube to the stomach and it sounds like your breathing is OK too.

The pill scratched the inside of your throat and the irritation continues after the pill scraped past.

Usually when you swallow the muscles work to squeeze the food or pill down but the hiccccccup caused a reverse wave and the pill irritated the throat.

It should go away on it's own. If you have a sore throat or something like that it might last a bit longer.

Its probably not in your lungs because you wouldnt be able to breathe right now. If it got stuck in the wrong tube you would die.

well when you hiccup it means that it has something to do with your lungs and if it feels like it went down the wrong way i guess it could be possible but i would not worry about it cuz it will dicinigrate soon good luck with that

well no! nothing bad happend and no bad things are gonna happen. it feels as if it did but it didnt. it went 2 the only destination wich is your stomach. soo yah dont worry. everthing is gonna be alright! :D oh and it feels stuck but it isnt. it was stuck but if your still alive now it just means it was stuck sooo it feels soo yah...lol xD youll be fine dont worry!

It is possible to accidentally inhale something, but you would know immediately as it would impair breathing. If you actually swallowed said pill than it is on its way to your stomach (technically anyway).

I would think it would be very unlikely that it would head straight to your lungs. However, we are able to breath almost anything in. I would give it a day and then go to the ER.

My brother once had a gummy-bear stuck in his throat, he tried drinking water, hot water (to melt it) and eventually had to have an ambulance come and get it out with their hands and a tongue depressor.

Best of Luck.

crazy chick!!:)
no its not! your lungs aren't connected to the pipe all your food goes down!

Meggy O
Maybe in some freak accident... but I've never heard of it happening. Maybe on the way down it hit the wall of you pipe. so now it just feels like its still there.

Casey 37 wks, 5 days pg with #1!
I'm not positive, but I don't think that's possible. I would just drink a lot of water to get rid of the weird feeling..

yeah if u coufed it out it went into your wind pipe it can go into ur lungs but i think it can be very bad try coufing some more and if that doesnt work go to a hospital

good luck!!!!!!!*-*

David S
Nope nothing can get stuck in your lungs.
You will probabily find if you drink more what it will clear

I would eat a piece of bread with butter on it and a glass of milk or water.
It will then go down to the stomach.

It is possible but extremely rare. When you swallow something a little flap goes over your trachea (wind pipe) so that it doesn't go into the "wrong pipe" and then travels down your esophagus. Sometimes when you swallow something small like a pill and hiccup (because you swallowed air) you feel the pill going down and touch a specific area of your esophagus. The esophagus is sensitive and you can feel this pressure for quite a long time after the pill has already settled and dissolved in your stomach. Believe me, it didn't go down the "wrong pipe"; you would know. You'd be in severe pain and have shortness of breath. Just relax, the feeling will go away eventually. Keep drinking water, that always helps.

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