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I know for a fact he's sick way too much!
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Question Queen Mentally Special!
Is it normal to fart LITERALLY over 60 times a day? (I'm VERY SERIOUS!)?
What's wrong with me? Why do I pass so much gas? Also, what color is HEALTHY doo-doo supposed to be? Green or brown? My friend jokingly calls me, "Funky @$$". I'm so embarrased. & the farts are ALWAYS loud, long, & smelly. Does me being overweight have anything to do with this?

No thats not normal! Ewwwe! Gross! Have you ever heard of Colon Cancer?

bart s
no s h i t really is u eatin mexican food no that would make u poop 60 times aday u axed bout poop color u needs to be more spific what u fart smell like rotten eggs or maybe beer farts or do u farts smell at all do you s h i t stinks or what lets me no i is here fo yuou

It's a normal bodily reaction but, being on the heavy side will tend to produce thicker cloud. The color depends on what you had for dinner.

Johnny M
its always better too fart and smell it then it is to burp and taste it
no matter what .now start eating more greens. and how do your friends know what color it is anyway ?

Yong H
you you realize this entire question was about your anus?

It is your diet...

This happens to me if I eat eggs... So I don't eat eggs...

Take one thing out of your diet at a time until you figure out what it is that is causing this...

Well, either diet or gastrointestinal problem that requires a doctor...

So if you can't find a cause in your diet you need to go see a doctor.

Joe S
well look at the bright side your saving money on the fourth of July !

§ dreamer §
Don't know what to tell you except .go get your funky @$$ checked out...LOL

Waaaay tooooo much gas and $h!t is brown

gi!d3D j0k3r
take gas-ex and go to a doctor. you could have a serious medical condition, most people pass gas over 100 times a day but not loud enough like you so that we could realize
you might have an allergy to food, and being overweight doesnt affect it
hope this helps

No. 60 times a day is not normal, and could be a result of a number of problems. Anything around 10-20 times a day is considered normal, according to the American College of Gastroenterology, and the Gastroenterological Society of Australia.

Being overweight is probably not the cause, but more likely a related symptom. The cause could be excessive high fibre foods, a digestive disorder, lactose intolerance, or several other things. It could also be related to just the way you eat and your general diet.

Whatever the cause, it is not normal and should be investigated. You should see your doctor about it. They may refer you to a gastroenterologist.

Healthy poo is brown, not green.

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