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Is it considered food poisoning if two people eat the same thing and only one of them gets sick?
My mom and I went to dinner last night and she got really sick several hours afterwards - however, I did not, had no problems.
Additional Details
We both just had salads with a poppyseed dressing. There was bleu cheese in them and dried cherries - that was it. We also had wine.

My mom doesn't eat meat.

shaunkee m

Mr. Opinionated
Maybe she has the flu?

yeah, she probably could've gotten food poisoning. maybe her food wasn't cooked all the way and yours was.

Steven E
It's possible but maybe she just an allergic reaction to what she ate. Different food react differently for different people.

No. Your mother may have had an intolerance to something she ate or she coincidentally picked up a stomach bug that just happened to show itself shortly after she ate.

Dan H
It's only food poisoning if the person who got sick, got sick because of the food.

If you both ate the same thing at the same time, and only one got sick, it's probably not food poisoning.

Sure, definitely. It could be that she just happened to get the bad dinner, or maybe you are more resistant to food poisoning.

A bit of advice:
Keep her off all dairy products of any kind. Try to keep to plain foods like rice and potatoes. Keep her off meat as well, if she has meat keep the portions small and make sure it is very well cooked.

Matthew O
It's considered food poisoning if the food you ate poisoned you. It has nothing to do with whether somebody else got sick. Maybe your mom's plate had something wrong with it, or maybe you have more resistance to something that made her sick, or maybe she just happened to get sick from something else entirely.

that can happen..maybe your immune system is stronger then hers

It depends on if the food was cooked at the same time and if somebody at the restaurant you went to could have accidentally spread the sickness...

I think the bacteria that causes food poisoning wasn't spread out on your share, than again, youth have a better immune system.

Perhaps yes...As it all depends on the condition your body is in...your natural defenses and so on..

Yes; maybe your mom ate something that you didn't eat. Or maybe you're a lot healthier.

Your immune system may simply be stronger.

Sean L.P.N
You must understand there is a threshold amount of bacteria that each individual body can take before it gets sick. If you take one bite into undercooked meat often times you will be ok, because you have not reached he threshold (where there are too many bacteria for your immune system to deal with) whereas if you eat three bites you are much more likely to go over that threshold and get sick.. Now being younger you are likely to have a stronger and more resilient immune system. But the if you at the same dish, it is highly unlikely that you were under the threshold and your mother was not, the difference in resistance is fairly small. Some other virus is likely to blame.

Yggdrasil Mithos Symphonia
It's food poisoning when they find poison/toxins/pollutants/infectious bacteria in the food. Not when someone just gets sick

It is a quick turn around when its food poisoning. You would have also gotten ill.

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