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Bona fide
Is it bad for ones health to hold in a sneeze?
I've always wondered that.

you can pop a blood vessel in your neck or fracture a rib. i do it anyways! ;)

Supposedly. However, I've always held in my sneezes and I'm just fine. So I guess not.

yes because when u sneeze your heart skips a beat thats why people say bless you and when u hold it in you loose brain cellls

Jack Slater
I've always done it, I seem fine. ha

Think outside the box, perhaps letting out a sneeze is the wrongdoing. Letting mucus and flem fly everywhere. If its a negative reflex and we can hold it in, maybe that's what everyone should be doing.

yes, your Tympanic membrane may tear up!
That is the thing in your ear that vibrates!

Mike s
Yes. There actually have been some rare cases where people have held in there sneezes, and as a result of the extremely high pressure in their lungs, actually broke their backs due to the large force created.

yes, soon enough you're going to start having brain damage and you will start coughing and crying blood ^_^

I try not to. Always feel a little off if I hold in a big sneeze. You sneeze at like 30 miles an hour - probably not good to hold it in!

You could blow out an ear drum.

Nicole M
well it can be ,,, so i have been told they say that when you sneeze you stop your heart and when you hold it.. it could do more damage so i would just be careful i do it but i try not too

I've heard you can have ear problems, like blowing out your eardrum, but I've held in sneezes before and never had any problems. However, I wouldn't (and don't do it) do it all the time. Maybe only once in a while.

yes, it can be bad for your health I think...

I Love God

Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
It kind of misses the point to hold in the dust/crap that your body is trying to get rid of. Seems kinda stupid to hold it in.

Cereal Junkie
It is an old wive's tale that if you hold your nose when you sneeze your eyes will slightly pop out of place then back, and its scientificly proven. But that would only happen if you had been holding in the last 6 or 7. As for now, you could pop your eardrums or inhale your snot. (hurts very badly) Or it is very possible to knock the wind out of yourself. So basicly it is a hazard.

No but it's bad for your ear drums. Could pop them if you grab your nose shut when you do sneeze.

Wade H
Sneeze on a drug dealer in front of his home boys on a bad day and see?

doubt it.

I've always been told it was bad to hold in a sneeze... something about ur heart stopping.....

If I'm trying to be quiet I hold in a sneeze.

hmm.. I dunno.
but if you force your eyes to stay open during a sneeze, your eyes can pop out. ever since i found that out, i shut my eyes the second i feel a sneeze coming on.

jessica sanchez
supposedly your body bleeds inside beware you can die from this lol
jk jk jk
but yeah i heard its bad for your health but i dont know why

Jonathan T
yes this is very bad it gives a litle explosion in yourhead which can effect your eardrums, brains, nose so better let it go outside and its healthier when you sneez it mean that your nose wants to get rit of some garbage in your nose

I don't know if it is bad for your health. Sneezing has to be a good thing because your body is riddng itself of something. Let it go.

Yahoo (C) Watchdog
depends if you hold your nose or not. if you do, you will cause eventual trauma to your ears and sinuses.

Mark K
nope only if you sneeze and hold it in it may cause a aneurysm


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