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Is it a bad sign when the doctor hasn't called with your lab results??
It's been one week since I was supostu have my lab results back. I am really getting worried. Do you thinks it's bad news because there taking so long?

Although I find it odd, many doctors don't call patients with their test results. I would think the fact you haven't been contacted is more of a positive sign than a negative one, as your doctor has an ethical responsibility to contact you if there is anything negative in your report.

I would suggest you call your doctor's office, and request the results of your tests. I have some anxiety when the office staff tells me I must discuss that with the doctor, but that is the usual procedure.

Hope everything is all right...!

Maybe the doctor being lazy or maybe here checkin it so that he never make any mistake when he tell you the result.

I work in a medical lab and doctors get their lab reports within 24 to 36 hours. Call your doctor if your concern about it.

Vanecia K
when something is really wrong with you doctors rush to give you the bad news

its me
My doctor never calls me unless something is wrong. I wouldn't worry at all.

I've seen different doctors over the last couple of years. Some call whether the reports are fine or if they find something in the reports. Some don't call at all and let you call the office to find out the results. It could be that the results came back fine but I would call the office to check.

NO: If it's bad news, they call you immediately (some treatment of follow-up is needed).

Normal results are slow to be communicated (because there's no urgency if things are normal/ok)

The slow response is more likely a sign there there is nothing to be concerned about..

Usually this means that everything is fine. That is the usual case with my clinic.

No. Doctor's offices often get backed up. If it concerns you go ahead and call and see if you can get an answer.

No news is good news.

No - its a bad sign when they call back and say, "You need to come down to the office, I don't want to tell you this over the phone".

One week is not long at all. If there are no bad news, they generally don't call. But if you are worried, definitely follow up by calling the dr. When it comes to your health, never be afraid or embarrassed to call or speak to your doctor about it. Even if you do feel like you bug them. That's why they're there to help you.

No, not a bad sign at all. Labs get backed up ALL THE TIME!! The only bad sign is if your doctor tells you there's a bad sign, so don't worry!!

If it's bad news they call you as soon as they get the report back. They have to get right on what's wrong. If it's nothing to worry about then they just wait till the appt. Sometimes if you call them they might tell you stuff. But usually they wait for the appt.

Caroline B
Have you tried calling him?

I wouldn't get to worried. A lot of doctors say that they will only call you if you need to come in for more testing. If I were you I would try to stay calm with an open mind because usually it is a good thing if they don't call you right away. It also wouldn't hurt for you to call them.

if it were bad news they probably would have called you by now..they are just really busy and a little insensitive...call them tomorrow morning and get the info...and then enjoy the rest of your day....

Violet Pearl
No- doctors take forever to call back. My husband once waited 14 days. Doctors are too busy to deal with phone calls. And sometimes labs are slow.

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