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 do you think taking cigarettes off the counter will deter smokers.?
I heard it on the news about a week ago , i,m not a smoker but I was wandering if it will have any affect what do you think?
Additional Details
When I said off the counter i meant out ...

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Can you suggest any products or medicines that can make a person taller?...

 my daughter's doctor visit?
Is all the following normal?

My daughter is 15, 5'7'' and 127 pounds
Her pulse was 88
Her Blood pressure was 116/60
her vision is 20/70 on both eyes


 If you lick your blood does that make you a cannibal?
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 How come people sneeze when they look at the sun?
IN my experience, almost everytime I look at the sun I sneeze. How come, and why?...

 Shouldn't a country like the USA have a free HEALTH service like Britain?

 I can't say "R",so how can i say it?
plz help me to say (R)
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BUT if i couldn't say (R),i will not able to be an aviator
PLZ ...

 Should I be worried about tomorrow's drug test?
I have a drug test for a job tomorrow and am wondering if I'm all cool cuz I last smoked weed back in March. Can't remember the exact ...

 What's worse for you, Marijuana or Cocaine?
My boyfriend and I are arguing about what drug is worse for you, he thinks it's marijuana and i think it's coke. Any info?
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My boyfriend and I are arguing ...

 what does it mean if i am always tired?
i am 14 and i havent started my period and i have been taking naps everyday for 2-4 hours plus the previous nights sleep so wat should i ...

 Should i get stoned....?
mate just asked me if i want to on monday. what are the risks and will i get addicted lol.... should i just get drunk instead?
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k i'll just get drunk... if im in a ...

 How long dose it take?
How long dose it take when food enters your stomach to when it leaves the body?...

 How to fake sick...10 points for sneakiest one?
lets get some very weird answers
i don't want to do it or anything....I'm a good student...I just want to see how crafty people are best one gets 10 points

 Can you light your own farts?
And is there international competitions....

 I'm badly constipated. Stomach really hurts.?
Tried an Oral Laxative - done nothing.

What can i do to get rid of this constipation ?...

 Ow :'( help me?!? click here?
I have a really sore throat. What can make it feel better before it gets worse!...

 What NOT to eat with a sore throat?
are there foods that aggravate the sore throat and make it worse? what can I do to make it better?...

 HELP! drug test question??
i smoked last friday and i wud smoke about 3 times a week and im 6 feet tall and weigh 145 and im 16 yrs old...i took a drug test on saturday at urgent care and i got a call back today saying i came ...

 has this happened to you?
when ever i drink a coca cola, i always get extremly burpy. I get a stomach ache, and burp a lot, then the stomach ache is gone.
has this ever happened to you, is it common.
Additional D...

Morgan D
Is a temperature of 97.5 considered a fever?
I just took my temperature with an ear thermometer. Is 97.5 considered a fever?

No, that is normal.
Your temp should be from 97-99

No 99.5 is

Go warm up by the heater. You're cold.

no anything over 101.5 is a fever

98.6 is normal


Nope, that is actually below normal.

Lillian G
no...just drink a glass of water...

Nurse Practitioner 33 years
98.6 is normal. 97.5 is not a fever

I'm glad you asked. My normal body temperature is lower. So, for me it is a fever, but for my insurance company it has to be above 98.6 for them to accept that it is a fever. It is maddening if you do not fit within the "prescribed norm" and get sick.

No, a fever would be warmer than 98.6. You're a little low though, but within the normal range


98.6 is considered normal.

No. That's totally normal. Actually most people's normal temperature reading is between 97.0 and 98.6.

not at all



i think you are in the normal range

â™’ Aquarius â™’

Normal temperature is 98.6 so actually you are below the average temperature. You aren't too much below though, so you are fine.

no that is a normal temperature. you would have a fever it is about 100.0 or above

Larry G
No it is not considered a fever. Check it several times over a period of time. 98.6 is not normal for all people. You may have an average that is less, although I doubt it would be by that much.

Jia L
No oral temperature can range between 95-100, tympanic (ear) will be one degree higher thus 96-101 is 'normal'

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