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 I passed out today at college, I hadn't eaten all day. What should I do?
I rarely eat breakfast, but I usually have something to eat at college quite early on in the day.

Today I left my lunch bag in my friend's car (she gives me a lift to college). I didn&...


 My piss is really yellow am I sick?
hi im male if that makes a difference, my piss is like a really bright yellow is that ...

 Help! I think I am fat! I'm 5 feet and already 100 pounds!?
Do you think I'm fat?
I want to be skinny but i think I'm like obese.
When I look in the mirror I don't like what I see.
Any suggestions to help me get skinnier?
I ...

 Why am I never hungrey?
Im 13 and Im NEVER hungrey I could probably go days without eating. BUT I dont I do eat but then I feel sick to my stomach and have to sit down and rock myself back and forth then the pain stops. L...

 What colour are my eyes? (Picture)!?
Please tell me... Somtimes they look brown, somtimes green.. Somtimes blue!


 Should I feel guilty about calling in sick to work?
I called in sick two days this week. I feel so guilty!! I have a severe cold, sore throat, fever, sinus issues, etc. Should I feel this guilty?? Our office is pretty laid back and I don't miss a ...

 is this an eating disorder or is this just a weird phase?
For the past few months I have been eating really strangely. Every time I see food or put it in my mouth I feel like I'm going to be sick and sometimes I even retch. I sit down to eat dinner ...

 Is it safe to eat four month old raw chicken?
Because somebody on tv just did and it looks nasty....

 Here are my symptoms - whats wrong with me?
I woke up in the middle of the night to :
sore throat
head ache
swollen glands
coughing a little early in the night but that subsided
body aching all over, especially joints<...

 How old are some of y'all truthful no lies?

 does donating blood hurt?
i'm donating blood on my bday on thursday.and i'm kind of scared...does it hurt..?...

 How can I just relax?
Relaxation doesn't come easily to me. I try to relax, but my mind is always jumping around, trying to think about this or that and I can't stop it. It only seems to slow down when I fall ...

 is pot bad for you?(20 characters)?
like if you smoke it almost everyday?
Additional Details
i've been hearing a lot of talk lately about how it's not addictive and people want to legalize it and what they tell ...

 What can you do to stop crying?
If you are uncontrollably crying, what can you do to stop as soon as possible? So that your eyes dont turn bloodshot and your face all red?...

 words of wisdom for me!! going into hospital later!?
i know i have posted a couple of questions about this but the day has arrived and i don't want to go! lol.

i am having surgery on the the muscles of my eye and i'm getting scared ...

 Something that's worrying me?
I was taking my family member's dog to the vet. Apparently she was bleeding through her butt hole. As I had to carry her the blood from the butt hole got on my hand. As I washed my hand out I ...

 Is it bad to sit with one's legs crossed?
As in - can it cause problems later on like varicose veins?...

 How many packs of cigarettes should I cut down to, to ensure I won't get cancer?
Right now, I smoke only 5 packs of cigs a day. I'm thinking if I cut down to 2 - 3 packs a day, I won't have to worry about getting cancer. Do you think maybe that is cutting down too ...

 Who's got a hangover?

Is a girl's thing in the inside really feel like warm apple pie like in the movie "American Pie"?

Additional Details
Why is everybody being mean. I was just wondering cause of the movie????

Darien ♥11-06-2009♥
Well yes. My boyfriend says it tastes like it too.

Is that a serious question or have you just not lost your V-card yet?

acta non verba
some question what do you think its a moive

I wouldn't choose to describe it like that...

no. more like a roast thats been in the crock pot...

I would say only if she was pregnant with pieces of fruit. WTH??

ewwww your nasty you pervert fu

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... If ur gonna talk like that talk right... EWWWWWWWWWWWW... now I dont like apple pie.

From the question I would guess that you are to young to even go that far with a girl. So wait a couple of years. But to answer your question, no, not at all.

Oh, haw haw haw haw haw! Um - haw haw haw - no. *snicker*
*chuckle* Oh, haw haw haw! Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw! "whew"! Stop, yer killin' me.....haw haw haw haw haw....

that is so gross
ha ha, good one ryan!

Actually, dude, no it doesn't feel like that. It's more....slippery...and....wet. But, it is kinda warm like an Apple Pie. So...it feels like a damp, hot apple pie.....ya. I'm hungry....

Not dude get a life

I actually used to love warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

So much for that!

Amazing how many virgins answered your question. The correct answer is, it is a little bit similar.

The Emperor of Ecstasy
actually with most women, its like sticking your thing out a window and screwing the world....you cant feel nothin unless you hit way over on a side...then, theres a wind from the rest of the opening...kinda like a train tunnel......good luck

I've only gone oral with an apple pie, sorry.

haha you're a virgin

Go screw a Pie and let us know!

pancakes & hyrup
I've only done oral with apple pie!

Actually i always thought it felt more like warm peach cobbler.

but maybe the girl in american pie was from washington state.

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