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 Why do I always sneeze twice?

 Isn't it odd that I am suicidal , though yet at the same time , I am terrified of HIV and Cancer?
I am terrified of catching HIV or Cancer , yet I am suicidal , does that make sense at all?...

 Daughters dad's Funeral is Closed Casket?
He was stuck in the water for 3 days, of course its going to be a closed casket, but my question is does anyone know exactly what happens to your body after being in the water so long? What would he ...

 My mom complains that her feet feel like they're on fire nightly...?
What could this mean? and what could she do? other than the obvious which is see a doctor. Thank ...

 why would a 15 year old girl 102 pounds have high blood presser???

 drug, honey?
ok, a friend of mine said a girl gave him a tube filled with a honey-like substance and said it was a drug, im wondering what this is?
Additional Details
it wasin a glass tube, and my ...

 i want to stay short?
im 5 feet tall
i want to stay this height.

and before you give me all these answers like
"why the hell would you want to do that?"

i want to be ...

 can someone give me a list of foods that are good for skin and hair?

 can the narcotice valium cause forgetfullness?

 why do people blush?
how can you stop it!?!...

 Does this necessarily mean I'm anemic?
This was the first time I was ever told his, but I just recently had blood tests done, & the doctor said my iron was "a little" low but not that bad. & he prescribed me iron pills. D...

 What are benefits of quiting smoking, Why is smoking bad?
I'm trying to quit smoking. I stopped last night. I do well up until about the 5th day, does anyone have any advice.

And can you all tell me some reasons why smoking is bad, ...

 Need to fall asleep earlier......any advice?
I havent been able to fall asleep till 5 in the morning.....but i dont have trouble sleeping, i just need to fall asleep earlier....any advice on how to get my sleep rythem back normal?...

 What's it called when you yawn and spit shoots out of your mouth?
Like a stream of saliva from under your tongue. It's weird....

 When you u use the toilet...?
Just wondering, when you go #2, how many sheets of toilet paper do u use, like 3 sheets or something and what kind of brand do you use/recommend???...

 Have you ever used Dagget and Ramsdell cream for dark knees and elbows???
Did it work for you???...

 Why do you get so tired even when you have done nothing?
Like when you just sit around all day, not really doing anything but tire quickly....

 What is the biggest cause of headaches ?
i get em all the time one of the worst ...

 WHAT is public health??
any one help please, what are the issues in public health today which wud b the most intresting to write about?? anyone ...

 What are ways you combat Lactose Intolerance?
Lactose Intolerance is a common condition in adults worldwide. We all know about the Lactaid pills. I find that adding in a soluble fiber supplement such as Benefiber also helps ease the symptoms ...

If you have a cold are you contagious the whole time?
I have been sick for a few days and have been taking zicam for the whole time.. its only sneezing and congestion..
contagious the whole cold?

Cool Girl
No you are not unless you cough or sneeze on someone luv ya

Not Necessarily. BUT don't spread your germs, when you need to cough, go ahead and cough. When you need to blow your nose, go ahead and blow. But cough and sneeze into disposable tissues instead of setting germs free in the environment, then promptly throw the tissue away and wash your hands. Your healthy friends and family who want to stay that way will appreciate it.

Also Take Vitamin C.Vitamin C works in the body as a scavenger, picking up all sorts of trash—including virus trash,It can shorten the length of a cold from seven days to maybe two or three days.

Load up on liquids. Drink six to eight glasses of water, juice, tea, and other mostly clear liquids daily.This will replace important fluids lost during a cold and help flush out impurities that may be preying on your system.

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