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 Smoking? Good? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I know smoking is BAD, but i do it anyway. so whats good about it. Please no one say how stupid i ...

 I Can't stop crying and i really don't no why? I'm 17 and i cry so easily. I just want it to stop?
It's been happening since i was little and can remember, if a simple thing like my dad or mum shouting would set me off crying for hours, it happens when i'm angry as well and i tend to ...

 Do you believe that ppl are born gay or do you believe that they make a decision to be gay?
Many ppl have mixed feelings of whether or not ppl are born gay or choose to be gay. What do you think?...

 How much do you weigh?
Note: I'm not calling anyone fat.
Additional Details
I weigh 5 1/2 stone....

 17 hours asleep... what is wrong with me?
OK, so i have been sleeping a lot more than usual for a while now, but i've just been asleep for 17 hours, and I dont know what is wrong with me. I'm always tired, and I have had my B12 and ...

 is it possible to live until you are 200 years old?

 can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?

 A person weighs 290 pounds and the height is 5'9 inches. Is that considered overweight?

 when u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?

 Is this still Self Injury?
I kind of cut myself but not enough to bleed, I also burn myself with hot water and I bite my hands allot. Lately I have been breaking skin a little but not much. Is this considered self harm?...

 Period Pains?
Does Any one know of any GOOOOd Period pain relief?
i get some really bad ones HELP
thank you ...

 How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Hi. I am a 13 year old and I have stretch marks because I am a little over weight. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of my stretch marks? Thank you!...

 My partner often has blood come out of his bottom when he goes for a poo...he refuses to see a doctor about it
He says it's just hemaroids (he thinks) & nothing to worry about, but he has it most times he goes to the toilet, sometimes it's a little blood & sometimes it is a LOT.
I don�...

 Can you have a headache if you don't eat for 24 hours?

 Middle Finger?
The distal joints in my middle fingers bend toward my ring fingers? Does anyone else have this?...

 Can you die from drinking bleach?
i just drunk bleach and now i feel quite ill, should i phone the hospital or?
Additional Details
it was a prank by my roommate, it hurts so much :(...

 If you drink alcohol and smoke weed how will you feel?

 Why do some people smoke so many cigarettes when then they know that it can give them lung cancer?
It's bad enough to smoke one, but some people smoke like there's no such thing as lung cancer... like the commercials are only talking foolishness. don't they care about their health?...

 Pee pee question?
I been pissing on this bush for weeks. and today i just noticed the side i been pissing on is dead. the other side is green and healty. Is there something wrong with my piss or piss always kill ...

 When I woke up this morning there were two leprechauns playing chess at the end of my bed?

im the golden child
If u need the loo but there isnt 1 around, what do u do?

Are you doing the pee-pee dance as you ask this? :D

Wish I could transform into a man for about 45 seconds.

Either start looking for one or wait,depending on how urgent it is.

I just go in my trousers... keeps me warm in the winter...

umm run around in circles if u have too!

Happy Man
Being a man i nip into a lane or behind a big bush.

Claire ♥
wish you were a man

loo in your pants

shawty right thurrrr is a ten!
Squat and do it.

Try to take my mind off things and hope my muscles holds up until I can get to a clean one

Bus stop

I go and look for a toilet until I find one, I dont do anything in the meantime, what are you implying

B to the Mac
I'm a guy so I find a bush

...in an English Country Garden.

Did anyone else sing that at school?

hold it in

Kenton C
find a spot to relieve myself where nobody will see.

steven m
go somewhere discreet, not on anyones property
and let go!!!!

Michael © CE Freedom Party.
I am male NO PROBLEM!

find a nice place to squat

My mate told me yesterday that he had to do a number 2 super urgent and there was no where to go so he got in the back of his lorry, did it on some newspaper and put it in someones bin!
What lovely company I keep!

Susie Cream Cheese
Find one....or get behind a bush.

pee in a cup

hello :)
go outside in a bushhh!


I went camping a while ago, I had to choose, go in a portaloo, no lock, smells of fish, no toilet paper or running water... or.... go outside behind portaloos where noone was - i chose toilet. I cant do it outside :P

Its like making me interfer with mother nature!


Merry Christmas x :)

Serena T
Well, when I'm in the middle of a dog sale, which can take up to an hour, I cross my legs and lean forward some. It makes my bladder feel somewhat better. And I pray that I don't pee myself when I'm explaining something important.

That depends on where you are, and what exactly you need the 'loo' for. If all you've got to do is piss, that should be pretty easy to pull off. But taking a public crap....that could be a bit of a problem.

If your in Dublin on a Saturday Night all the drunks do it on the main Thoroughfare on O Connell St in the open, or in that other place in Temple Bar. You have to be careful you dont trip up on the Vomit and Poo, and the Smell of Urine is Odious. They should have it like Amsterdam they come around with Temporary Pissoirs, and remove them in the Morning. There are no Toilets anymore in Dublin, they took them away because of the Bold Boy Activity. You have to go in the Department Stores or Pubs Toilets. They do not go in Laneways anymore but on the Street in front of everybody Piss trails everywhere.

Pray to god I don't cough or laugh !

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