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 Sound like a cat purring in my left ear?
Ok it's not really a pulse but it feels like one - it's just really really fast. The best way I can describe how it sounds in my ear is like a cat purring. It's right deep in my ear - ...

 do you get sick from?
eggs? when i eat them i feel so sick for hours
i had gull bladder surgery and ever since that
i cant eat them and i love them LOL
so its hard
does this happen to anyone else ?...

 Why can I go months without getting sick, then get sick with EVERYTHING at once?
It's been four or five months since I've last felt really bad, now all of the sudden I have one of the worst sore-throats I've ever had, constant, persistant, and horrid migranes, and ...

 Weird thing that happens to me?
How come sometimes like one time a day I expireince like a short time i expirience time slowing down likeyesterday I was walking and I was talking to my brother and all the sudden like his mouth is ...

 What do you do in public if you fart?

 Can myopia be cured?

 is my laptop a petridish?
i notice a few trails of fairly decent sizes dots where my wrists usually are. so is this growing bacteria or just sometin else? if its bacteria that would explain why im sick.......

 Can expired ibuprofen make you sick?

 How can I get over my fear of pills and tablets?
ok im 13 years old and the liquid kid pain releivers dont work on me anymore.. and this morning i took an advil pill for the first time in my life and i was really scared, i gulped down the water ...

 Diarrhea issues............?
My girlfriend (not me) but my girlfriend has been having issues. About 2 months ago she was experiencing severe constipation. When she finally went she noticed that her fieces was mucasy. Since ...

 if the body is fit then = a healthy mind,or does the healthy mind come first for a healthy body?

 Do the shampoos to remove THC/marijuana from your hair for drug testing really work?
FYI, I know smoking pot is stupid, okay! One crazy weekend for me was all it was!...

 I need sleep...?
I have a good bed. nice room. good temrature. But i cannot put myself to sleep at night. i get tired but then wake up and im normally up til 4. something has to be done. But i don't know what to ...

 Why have I never needed a poo during the night?
Or in the morning, as far as I can remember....

 My Daughter is constipated an crying on the toilet I gave her Olive oil but she through it up can someone help
She ate a McDonalds Hamburger and some pasta yesterday.
Additional Details
she is 7 years old I really dont know I beleive she had a bowel movement two days ago. she finally went and ...

 how does alcohol affect your kidneys?

 i keep hearing great things about drinking Green Tea? what exactly does it help with AND?
are there better kinds? for example is Snapple green tea just as potent as HOT green tea, etc.?...

 Do I have the flu??
My symptoms are:

~extremely cold (wearing 2 sweatshirts in a heated house with a seperate room heater blasting at me)


~Innability to concentrate


 Have you ever accidentally got high on something?
Have you? I did once, after a surgery i was prescribed perocet for pain. I was still kinda out of it from the surgery so i took a 10mg pill, then 10minutes later i had forgotten i took it so i took ...

 What's the ONE most important thing one can do for one's health?

I smoked pot a week ago, will I pass the drug test?
Im applying for a secound job, will it show up if I had 3-5 hits. The last time I did it was on the Super Bowl, but I only had 1 hit. I never ever got high, so would it show up from a p i s t test.

I passed a test having smoked five days beforehand but hadn't smoked at all besides that in the previous months. The latest trick is the fake urine with the chemical additive to heat it up to body temperature. You can find one of these kits at your local headshop. They also sell bottles of flushing agents that will strip the fat cells of your bladder and kidney before the test, these can backfire if you don't pee before the test, as all the contaminants will end up in the cup. If you really haven't smoked much, drinking a gallon of water per day should be enough.

smoking dope then hoping to pass a drug test? wow it has really fried your brain

home test kits can help you check level of toxins

Yes. Try to get out of the test.



Juuuuliana Bird
HaHa no way man

as a regular weed smoker..it takes about a good 30 dyas for all the green to be out of your system so if you really smoked on super bowel. you should be ok. just to be safe drink lots..lots of water when you go for the piss test..keep peeing till your piss is really clear.

it might but it probaly wont

it might show trace amounts, enough to show

Andrew A
About 30% of THC that is ingested may remain in the body a full week after smoking. Some remnants from a single dose of THC may be detectable up to three weeks later.

Use THC marijuana detoxification kits includes Qcarbo. This products are intended to be taken on the day you desire to be clean, 2 hours before drug test.

No probably not........

Mr.Betas Mom
Not to be mean but I hope you don't pass the test.Drugs are very bad!!! Only prescribtion drugs are ok and only if they are prescribed for you!!If you pass the test then at some point you once again will use and maybe even invite someone from work to join you.Maybe this person has a family and is going to meetings trying to get their life together and you pressure them to join you and therfore mess up their progress.Yes it could happen in fact it has.So you see you should if you pass this drug test then it is a lie,unless you are trying really hard yourself to stop the drugs.If not then I am sure you and other drug users are crying out to me stupid,crazy shut-up ect...but believe me they will ruin your life before you realize it.

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